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Top Fantasy MMORPGs

Rate this Article The MMORPG genre is pretty vast. There are many different categories of these games and one of these is the fantasy category. In this article we’ll be shedding some light on some of the very best MMORPGs out there that are considered fantasy type. MMO Square - Top Fantasy MMORPGs

Before talking about the games themselves, first let’s discuss in general the things that have landed them a spot on this list. First and foremost is the fact that each and every one of these games is backed up by a really incredible community. Every time you play these you’re bound to run into some great players who will drop everything they’re doing to help you out if you need anything. Alongside this you’ll also be able to get into some great parties as well for some really quick leveling.

Other than the obvious fact that they’re really fun to play, these MMORPGs look straight up fantastic as well. They all have massive and gorgeous game worlds that you simply can’t get enough of. There are beautiful sights to see everywhere you go and alongside that the character designs, the animations and the artwork are all phenomenal as well.

The following are the fantasy themed MMORPGs that we enjoyed playing the most.

Perfect World International

Perfect World International is truly a perfect MMORPG. This game has been around a decade now and it still manages to impress thanks to the multiple content expansions, engaging quests, top quality combat and a game world that makes you just want to keep looking at all the breathtaking sights that it has to offer. This game boasts without a doubt one of the biggest game worlds out there. You can explore it for hours upon hours and still not have seen all of it. What’s even more impressive is how each and every part of the world is filled with fun stuff to participate in like monsters to slay or quests to complete.

Dragons Nest

Dragons Nest was one of the first games to implement the action based combat system. This system pretty much revolutionized the whole genre and completely changed the way future games worked. Even now this is considered one of the most fast paced MMORPGs out there and has a phenomenal PvP system that has held on to the playerbase for many years. The game has a really unique anime inspired art style as well which makes it look really appealing.


Before its release there was an absolutely enormous amount of hype surrounding TERA. Many people were considering it to be the ultimate fantasy MMORPG and upon release it most certainly lived up to the hype. TERA offers a gorgeous game world that’s full of content to enjoy. Amazing large scale PvP battles and for the truly competitive audience it offers one of the most well balanced combat systems out there where you can test your mettle against some of the best players from around the world.

All said and done, the MMORPGs mentioned above are without a doubt some of the best to have ever surfaced in the fantasy category. Needless to say, we recommend giving them a shot as they’re definitely worth it.

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