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Top MMORPGs of 2015

Rate this Article 2015 has been an absolutely brilliant year for MMORPGs. In this year we saw the release of many revolutionary games that took this genre to a whole new level and as the year draws to a close, we want to talk about some of the games that were head and shoulders above their competition.
MMO Square - Top MMORPGs of 2015

Picking out the top three MMORPGs of 2015 was no easy task because this was the year of some really incredible games. We took many things into consideration like graphics, story-telling, combat, character development, character creation and a bunch of other stuff and finally got to a conclusion. One trait that all these games share is that they all bring something new to the table. Almost everyone can agree that this genre has steadily been growing stale with each passing day but fortunately, these games have breathed new life into it.

The following games are those that we think are the very best MMORPGs of 2015.


Skyforge has been designed by developers that have had experience designing top tier MMORPGs before so it’s no surprise that this game manages to take a spot on this list. This is one of the few, if not the only MMORPG to actually allow players to have a following. If you get a big enough following then you might even acquire god status and become a force that no one would dare to mess with. The best part about Skyforge is the fact that the servers are built in a way that allow players across the entire world to interact with each other instead of being locked into the servers that are specific to their own region.

Dragomon Hunter

When it comes to innovation, Dragomon Hunter takes the cake. It’s an action MMOPRG and the whole game basically revolves around creatures known as Dragomon that are scattered around the world. Players are able to fight fierce Dragomon and if they manage to defeat them they can even use them as mounts. This is the first time that an MMORPG has used such a system and it definitely works out nicely. The game also boasts one of the biggest game worlds out there so if you like to do some exploration, you’ll definitely be impressed.

Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul was easily one of the most hyped games of this entire year. It’s a fantasy style MMORPG and is excellent because it offers hundreds of hours of unique and engaging PvE content and some of the best PvP systems out there. This is basically one of those games that have something for everyone. If you’re a competitive player then you’ll love the very well balanced combat that this game has to offer and if you’re one of the more casual players then there’s tons of PvE content to engage yourself in like quests and dungeons.

All said and done, while many brilliant MMORPGs have surfaced in 2015, the ones mentioned above are those that we feel are the absolute best. Needless to say, we recommend trying them out because they’re simply too good to pass up on.

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