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Top MOBA Games of 2015

Rate this Article Ever since its inception, only a select few games have remained at the top of the MOBA genre but in 2015 we saw some really amazing games that most certainly have the potential to take the top spot. In this article we’ll be shedding some light on the top MOBA games that this year gave us. MMO Square - Top MOBA Games of 2015

There are many things that allowed these games to grab a spot on this list but the primary thing we considered was how unique the game is. Every single one of these releases added a multitude of new elements into the traditional formula which made for a refreshing experience for the players. They don’t utilize the standard 5v5 style that many games before them have used and change things up quite a bit which is something that veterans of this genre will appreciate a lot.

Another reason these games managed to secure a spot on this list is that they all emphasize very heavily on teamwork. One of the defining aspects of the MOBA genre has always been teamwork and the fact that these games have retained this aspect rather than throwing them out the window is something that many veteran players will like quite a bit.

The following MOBAs are the very best that 2015 has had to offer.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a phenomenal game and without a doubt some of the fastest paced MOBAs out there. The defining feature of this game is the fact that instead of focusing on a single 5v5 map, it instead has multiple different battlegrounds and each one of these battlegrounds has a unique strategy and play-style which makes this one of the most refreshing games out there. The game also allows players to customize their characters quite significantly which makes sure that they aren’t locked into a certain play-style when they select their character and allows them to diversify their strategies.

Shards of War

In almost every single MOBA game, the primary movement control has always been the right mouse button but these change in Shards of War. The game implements WASD movement controls which are great because they allow players to maneuver their character much easily and gives them more opportunities to outplay their opponents and get their team ahead. The sci-fi setting also works nicely in synergy with all the special effects that go around during battles.

Games of Glory

Although MOBA games have been around for many years, most games we’ve seen have always stayed with the tried and true mechanics which isn’t an issue in all honesty simply because these mechanics work well with how these games play out. However, Games of Glory takes the risk of adding new in-game mechanics like white damage, new kinds of weapons and it even removes auto-attacks. The risk pays off though because this MOBA feels unlike any other in terms of gameplay and is definitely one of the most refreshing games in quite a while now.

All said and done, while 2015 has been a great year and has delivered some really good MOBAs, the three mentioned above are those that we feel are the absolute best and therefore we recommend trying them out.

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