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Top Sci-fi MMOs

Rate this Article The genre of MMO games is a pretty massive one and one of the best things about this genre is how there are many different kinds of games out there like fantasy, sci-fi and such. In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the very best sci-fi MMOs out there and shedding some light on why they’re so great. MMO Square - Top Sci-fi MMOs

There are many reasons these games managed to attain a spot on this list. One of the main things that we enjoyed in every single one of these is that they’re backed up by a pretty amazing community. No matter which of these games you play, you’ll always be greeted by some amazing players who’ll be willing to go off on quests with you at all times and also help you out with the basics if you’re struggling to get the hang of things. MMO communities with low levels of toxicity are pretty hard to come across but once you do manage to find a game with a helpful player-base, the experience becomes much more enjoyable.

Another key reason these games managed to get a spot on this list is that they all go above and beyond to give their players a fresh and engaging experience. The MMO genre is so vast that every new game feels like a rehash of something that’s come before but that isn’t the case with these. Every single one of these games boasts refreshing and unique gameplay that all are sure to enjoy.

The following games are, in our opinion, the very best sci-fi MMOs out there.


Warframe is a high quality third person MMO shooter and it’s so amazing that once you get into it you’ll probably never want to stop playing. The game has excellent storytelling and multitudes of distinct classes. The massive variety of classes makes sure that players of all play-styles can find something that they like. The gameplay is very fast paced and emphasizes quite a bit on teamwork so you’ll definitely enjoy your experience as you team up with your comrades to wreak havoc on the enemy.

Bounty Hounds Online

Bounty Hounds is a phenomenal sci-fi MMORPG with one of the biggest game worlds that this genre has to offer. What’s even more impressive is that every single corner of the game world is teeming with life and has fun activities for you to engage yourself in. The graphics are straight up gorgeous and the five unique classes make sure that there’s something for everyone.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic has a pretty giant following for many different reasons. The key reason is of course the fact that it’s set in the hugely popular Star Wars universe that has one of the biggest fanbases out there. The second reason though is the fact that it is one of the most engaging MMO games out there. Everything ranging from the combat to the visuals has been pulled off with perfection and there’s just so much to do in the game that you’ll never feel bored playing it.

All said and done, the games mentioned above are those that we feel have elevated the category of sci-fi MMOs to a whole new level and we definitely recommend trying them out.

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