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Valorant vs Overwatch: Which is Better?

Rate this Article Both Valorant and Overwatch are truly exceptional shooter games that offers thoroughly delightful gameplay experiences and, in this article, we’ll be pitting the two against one another. MMO Square - Valorant vs Overwatch: Which is Better?

First and foremost, let’s talk about the aspect of characters and abilities as this is one characteristic that both games share. Both Valorant and Overwatch consist of various different characters with their own sets of abilities that players can take into battle but one thing that sets the two apart is the fact that the abilities in Overwatch are essentially the primary weapons of sort whereas in Valorant they take a backseat to the shooting. While the abilities in both games can certainly be highly impactful, they play a much more significant role in Overwatch than they do in Valorant because the characters in Overwatch simply can’t function without them but, on the other hand, you can get by through gunplay alone in Valorant and can potentially even win entire games without using abilities implying that you’re skilled enough.

Another major difference between both these games is the fact that fights in Valorant are usually one on one as players are scattered across the map in an attempt to take as much control as possible but this isn’t the case in Overwatch since players are usually grouped up around the objective most of the time which is why most fights usually have all the players going at each other’s throats in order to be victorious. Due to this key difference, the battles in Overwatch feel a lot more chaotic and fast-paced whereas those in Valorant are much more precise and are decided in seconds depending on which player has the snappier aim.

As of right now, both these games also differ vastly when it comes to what game modes they have to offer. Overwatch currently consists of four distinct game modes, each with its own design but, on the other side of the fence, Valorant revolves primarily around a single search and destroy style mode in which one team has to plant the bomb whereas the other team has to defend the sites from the bomb plant or defuse the bomb if it’s successfully planted.

When it comes right down to the fundamentals, one major difference between both these games is the fact that Valorant relies much more on strategy and tactics whereas Overwatch is based more around fast-paced gameplay and intense combat that focuses more on player mechanics than it does around strategy. While playing Valorant, you’ll often need all players of a team on the same page regarding strategy in order to truly dominate your opponents but, on the other hand, in Overwatch a single player who’s skilled enough on characters like Hanzo or Blackwidow can often dominate games since there isn’t much of an emphasis on strategy.

All said and done, though, it goes without saying that no game can be called straight up better than the other as both have their own strengths and weaknesses but there are several things that set the two apart from one another and we hope that this article has shed enough light on these things to help you decide which game you prefer more.

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