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What do WoW Classic and Online Casino Games have in Common?

Rate this Article You'd be surprised how many similarities WoW Classic and online casino games have! MMO Square - What do WoW Classic and Online Casino Games have in Common?

For those not in the know, World of Warcraft Classic is an official server which places the game in a similar state to how it existed all the way back before the first expansion. Effectively, this means players will be enjoying the same WoW as the one which launched in 2004.

While this is a great feature for thousands of players, many of whom have been keeping up with WoW for over a decade, it can be confusing for the uninitiated. After all, hasn’t a decade and a half of updates and improvements rendered the original game outdated? In this piece, we look to a somewhat unexpected form of game and draw an unlikely comparison that shows exactly where the appeal lies.

Classic Online Casino Games, Classic WoW Servers

The most obvious comparison here comes from the strength of the base games. Take poker or slots, for example. These games have remained relatively similar for many years, yet manage to maintain an immense level of popularity. Continued interest in these games is not derived from the latest flash-in-the-pan developments, but rather the eternal appeal of the base gameplay.

The same can be said for WoW classic. At the time of its launch, WoW was a revelation in MMO design, as we cover at In many ways, it encouraged cooperation and competition on a level never before experienced. A big part of this came down to the reliance on more limited communication options. Real communities were built, and this helped foster what is, at its core, a social experience.

Today, doing a dungeon in WoW means simply using the dungeon finder and waiting in the queue. Originally, it involved teaming up with people on your server and meeting at the entrance before working through. It is this feeling which WoW Classic hopes to bring back into the game.

Blackrock depths

The Benefits of Choice

Again, just as with online casino games, MMO’s are best when they offer a wide variety of choice. Take the multitude of different websites available at for example. These websites cover a wide variety of different bonuses and games, meaning that nobody has to focus entirely on an individual experience.

WoW Classic operates similarly, giving players the always appreciated option of more choice. Players can still maintain their original accounts while having the option to jump back into the classic experience, should they feel the need for a more nostalgic trip.

Maintaining a Legacy

The other side of this equation stems from the idea of gaming preservation. Think about what it takes to play the same casino game now as you would a hundred years ago. In many cases, this is as simple as a pack of cards. For video games, however, this is where the similarities diverge.

Video game preservation is a serious issue among older games, especially those which include online components, as reports. Due to decaying hardware, updates, servers shutting down, or lost rights, many old video games can become unplayable in their age.

We can only hope that WoW Classic succeeds on a level, in whatever small way, in helping some of the bigger publishers appreciate and protect the legacy of what they create.

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