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What is Facebook's Gaming Video

Rate this Article Facebook has been doing quite a lot for the gaming audience over the years and gaming video is its latest attempt to do so. In this article we’ll be diving into the details of what it is and how it’s great for gamers around the world. MMO Square - What is Facebook's Gaming Video

Gaming video is essentially a platform for gamers to share their gaming experiences live with people from around the world. The platform allows players to share livestreams of their games to an audience and then interact with them in various ways. Depending on who the streamer is, these streams are actually quite entertaining so, when you simply want to enjoy what a game is like without actually playing it yourself, they’re the perfect choice.

Facebook’s gaming video is also a great platform for e-sports because it essentially brings the entire concept to the mainstream. This isn’t to say that e-sports isn’t mainstream already seeing as a lot of the top tier e-sports tend to break viewership records every year but, thanks to Facebook’s initiative, the viewer count is poised to grow exponentially because people who have absolutely no exposure to e-sports will have a simple and straightforward platform in which they can enjoy the intense events.

The progress and success of Facebook’s gaming video in the e-sports department is indicated by the fact that a variety of popular networks, such as ESL One, have signed deals with Facebook to stream the events they hold solely on this platform instead of the others. This particular change wasn’t necessarily well received by the community at the very beginning because it meant changing the regular platforms that they used to view these events on and a lot of people tend to dislike change but, with the passage of time, people have actually grown rather fond of viewing the events on Facebook for a variety of different reasons.

The technical aspects of Facebook’s gaming video also seem to be spot-on because, in terms of performance, it seems to be head and shoulders above a lot of traditional streaming services. Streams tend to function rather smoothly, even on lackluster connections and there’s even an option that automatically keeps adjusting the stream quality depending on how well the connection is doing thereby ensuring that users have a seamless viewing experience no matter what stream they’re watching.

Of course it goes without saying that this particular platform isn’t without its fair share of flaws so it does tend to run into a few issues from time to time such as random stutters during the streams even when the connection seems to be functioning fine but, in all honesty, these issues are to be expected given how new the platform is and, all things considered, it’s likely that they’ll be remedied in the near future.

All things considered, Facebook’s gaming video is a platform that might not be perfect in its current state but is still a great way for players to watch their favorite games live whenever they have a bit of time to spare.

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