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What Makes a Good MMO Game?

Rate this Article There are lots of great MMO games around, but what is it that can make these games so great, in this article we discuss some of the key points a game must have to be any good and enjoyable to play. MMO Square - What Makes a Good MMO Game?

Playing games online can be a good way to pass the time, but while there are numerous choices to make in regards to the MMOs that you play, there are some of them that manage to stand out thanks to a great set of features. Multiple MMOs have gathered a lot of attention because they manage to combine one of a kind ideas that draw people in to play them! But what makes an MMO good or perfect?

This is by far one of the most important things in an MMO, because without it no game can impress its audiences. Having a rich lore is essential, as the story and clever backgrounds created for each character category is what makes an MMO impressive. People don’t want just to enter a virtual world, they want to feel like a part of it and adventuring into a game with rich lore is part of the fun. Numerous good MMOs have adjacent books that expand their lore, and this is something that immerses the players into their game world even further.

Map size
If you want a good MMO that will keep you playing for hundreds of hours, then you do need to have new regions to explore at all times. Having a massive map is essential, because exploration is the key when it comes to immersing a player into an MMO. However, alongside variety, an MMO also needs to provide variety, because you don’t want to explore a massive map which brings the same things over and over, instead you want something more different! A large map with added variety is one of the crucial things that need to be offered by a good MMO.

Unique art style
With numerous copycats on the market, it’s important to find a game that is unique in both the way it looks and function. A stellar art style is very important, since it helps you connect with the game a lot easier. The art style needs to complement the theme, and overall they need to provide a one of a kind world, as this is a great way to attract gamers.

Customization options
No matter what MMO you play, you have to make sure that it allows you to fully customize your character as well as your experience. After all, why would you play a game if it doesn’t provide you with a way to make your experience personal! Being able to customize your armor pieces, collecting dyes or modifying builds/abilities is a great way to make a game feel more personal!

Of course, while playing, you do need to encounter a challenge, and this is why every good MMO needs to provide amazing boss battles and a good story that leads to them. You need to feel the need to kill that boss, because just engaging it won’t make the whole experience feel epic. A great MMO ties the enemy into the lore, and you will appreciate the result for sure.

Rest assured that the whole MMO experience is not only about exploration, as loot also plays a very important role. You need to have an incentive when it comes to playing, and lots of loot that does make sense and which provides you with a sense of progression, and loot will provide you with just that.

Action packed gameplay
You don’t play an MMO just to explore, you also play it for the combat, otherwise the whole loot system would be in vain if you don’t have something to use your newly acquired loot on. The gameplay needs to be action packed and fluid if it wants to draw attention towards it.

In-game events
An MMO is mostly a large community of gamers, so a great MMO needs to have multiple events that showcase the importance of its community. This also makes the whole experience social, something that is very important.

This is one of the most impressive things in online games, since it allows you to engage other people in battle at all times. However, this particular gameplay has to be balanced in order for the experience to work, otherwise everything would be in vain.

Game economy
Great MMOs manage to create an economy of their own that rewards players who invest a lot of time. Avoiding to play a monthly fee for the game and instead providing items to purchase as you play, items which not affect the gameplay is a great idea. On top of that, having a trade chat and trading with others is a necessity as this makes the game more appealing!

Of course, this is crucial! You play in order to level up and feel a sense of progression, so a great MMO needs to have a leveling system that provides a natural level up, instead of making it feel rushed.

Having great graphics is crucial nowadays, as most MMO players do want a visually appealing game world. In order to explore the world, you want it to look as beautiful as possible, because if it provides you with that, you will be enticed to explore on your own without needing to be forced by the game missions.

Professions and crafting are an important part of any MMO experience, since thanks to them you can make your own way in regards to how you can play the game. Professions do require some time to master, but you will appreciate the result for sure.

The success of an MMO is highly tied to the idea of continual updates! People want to feel like developers do invest attention and resources into the game they play, and this way they will pay for items!

These are some of the most important things that combine themselves in order to create a good MMO. All in all, a good MMO will always combine visuals, gameplay and lore to create a massive game world, filled with missions and which feels like a second home for players. If a player feels that he belongs in a particular game, then you can clearly say that game is a successful MMO!

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