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What Makes a Good Mobile MOBA Game?

Rate this Article Mobile based MOBA games have grown quite a bit ever since they first surfaced and, in this article, we’ll be talking about the things that we feel come together to make a solid MOBA on the mobile platform. MMO Square - What Makes a Good Mobile MOBA Game?

At the very beginning, mobile-based MOBA games were incredibly clunky and dull to play because the core gameplay was incredibly slow and the mechanics felt buggy most of the time. However, as the years have gone by, mobile-based MOBAs have gone through tremendous improvements and, as of right now, you can actually enjoy some absolutely spectacular MOBAs on the mobile platform and we’re going to be talking about some of the things that make these games worth trying out.

1: Intuitive Control Scheme

Control schemes are things that can completely make or break mobile based MOBAs depending on how they’re laid out and, for this exact reason, a lot of mobile based MOBAs have tried their best to make sure that the controls are properly implemented and easy to get the hang of, even if players aren’t necessarily adept at games of this particular genre. At the beginning, it was nearly impossible to control characters in mobile based MOBA games because the controls were basically all over the place but, over the years, this particular aspect of these games has been refined quite a bit.

2: High Quality Visuals

Of course, it goes without saying that mobile-based MOBAs can’t really match the quality of visuals that traditional computer-based MOBA games have but this doesn’t mean that these games should give up on the visuals entirely. A solid mobile based MOBA game should have at least moderately well detailed textures and their character designs and animations should be distinct enough to ensure that players can always make sense of what’s going on in the battlefield.

3: Fast Paced Gameplay

While traditional MOBA games have always had a history of being highly strategic with matches that can often draw out for more than an hour, this isn’t something that should apply to mobile-based MOBAs. When players play mobile based MOBAs they’re usually looking for something through which they can kill around ten or twenty minutes and this is why every mobile based MOBA should be fast-paced. Strategy should still definitely be a key element to these games but it shouldn’t be prioritized so much that the games keep going for insanely long periods of time.

4: Properly Balanced Roster of Characters

One of the biggest complaints we had with early mobile based MOBA games was the fact that their character rosters were quite strange because some characters were capable of carrying entire games by themselves whereas others weren’t nearly as capable of having such an impact. This unbalanced roster of characters usually took away a lot of fun from these games so it’s absolutely crucial to ensure that all the characters in a MOBA are balanced properly to ensure that all the players have an equal chance of succeeding.

All things considered, the aforementioned features what we think define a good mobile based MOBA. While on the subject, though, if you haven’t tried any games of this particular category then we definitely recommend that you do so because they’re quite enjoyable and can help you kill time whenever you’re on the go.

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