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Why Buy Games on Steam?

Rate this Article As a gamer, why should you buy those games that are up on Steam?
MMO Square - Why Buy Games on Steam?

Steam has been around for quite sometime now. It has been instrumental in the success of a lot of games in history, including the popular Defense of the Ancients 2 or DoTA 2. With that said, being available on Steam is undeniably one of the best decisions any game developer can make.

Now, as a gamer, why should you buy those games that are up on Steam?

First, having a Steam account is like having your library with you all the time. As long as you have Internet connection, you can access your games anytime and on any device. All you need to is log in, and then authorize whatever new device you’ve used to access your Steam account. You can then choose to install any game you’d like to play on that platform.

You won’t need to make a new purchase because it’s all on your account! Talk about convenience, which is exactly what Cloud computing is all about anyway. Games install quite fast, provided that you have a good Internet connection to hook up to.

Another reason to purchase games on Steam - instant updates. It’s only common these days that developers are going to release DLCs or downloadable content, basically additions or updates to the content of your games. If you’re buying games through optical media (Discs), you’ll have to go to the store to purchase the new DLCs.

With Steam, however, you only need to check your library and update your games from there. If you’ve installed the game on multiple devices, you’ll need to update them one by one. The whole point is, however, that everything is in one account. You need not open another account, and make additional purchases.

Plus, the number of available games on Steam is huge. Good news - most of them are for free, with freemium features that you can buy in exchange for real currency. Whatever genre is your cup of tea, you can be sure that you can find one game to your liking on Steam. Just do a search - if you like CCG games, you can find gems like Epic Card Battle 2 - Dragons Rising that you can download and install for free.

There’s also a bustling community in the website. There is a forum that you can explore. Use that to reach out to other members. Community managers are sometimes too busy with handling concerns with their respective games, but there’s always a few players who’d be happy to answer your questions for you at any time you post them.

If you haven’t done so, sign up for an account now at Steam. Signing up for an account at Steam is free as well. You just need to link it up to your bank account, so you can make purchases. However, if you don’t plan to do so, then it’s not necessary.

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