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Why Guilds Are Important in MMO Games

Rate this Article Guilds form a major part of any MMO's gameplay. What benefits can a player get out of joining one or even more? MMO Square - Why Guilds Are Important in MMO Games

No man is an island, or so the saying goes. When you play MMOs, you’ll find that the saying holds true even in the gaming world.

One of the features that you can find in every MMO is the guild. Even during the start of your journey in a specific MMO, you’ll find that someone has already invited you to join a guild! That does make one wonder, what is a guild? And what benefits does it have for the gamer? There should be, since people think it’s important enough that you join one even as a new player.

For starters, a guild is an organization within that MMO. It’s a group of people who decide to band together because of several reasons. It could be because they share the same gaming strategies. Guild members may also be close friends who decide to form a guild because they wanted to work together and help each other in the game.

There are myriad reasons why a guild is formed, but the benefits remain the same. These are what you can get out of joining a guild in the game, if ever you decide to.

For instance, boss fights in an MMO could be difficult, if not impossible, to take on by players who play alone. Bosses are too powerful, and you’d need someone or many people beside you to help you attack that boss and defeat it. If you have a guild, you can simply talk with your guild members and form a party with which to take on the fight.

Dungeons are also another reason why guilds are formed. Players can band together in order to successfully complete a dungeon’s challenges, in an act that is called “raiding” in MMO parlance.

In other words, when you have a guild, you can easily form a party and be able to fight more effectively in the game. This makes many difficult parts of the game very manageable

In addition, joining a guild can also help you get back against other players who decide to give you a taste of the Player Versus Player (PvP) treatment. In fact, people actually create guilds so that they can join PVP events and have someone who can watch their backs during the fight!

Guilds are also a way for people to socialize in an MMO. Without it, it will be like every person is for himself or herself in the game’s world. In a way, Guilds embody the Massively Multiplayer portion of the genre’s definition. Think of it as a way to make new friends, because guilds do communicate outside of the game through social networking sites and instant messaging services.

Bear in mind that you don’t need to join a guild if you’re not interested in what they do. Each guild plays a game differently – there are some guilds that are small, and are not interested in PVP matches. There are others who may have rules that you’re not comfortable with. Be sure to look at the guild’s information before you decide.

When all else fails, always remember that you can create your own guild.

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