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Why Play Hero Wars?

Rate this Article Here are some reasons why you should be playing Hero Wars. MMO Square - Why Play Hero Wars?

If you’re looking for a totally hassle free experience in playing MOBAs and MMORPGs, then you should head over to Facebook. There’s a rare gem of a game over there that you should definitely check out!

This gem is the game called “Hero Wars.”

As its title suggests, this game is a hero-oriented MMORPG that puts you in control of a team of heroes, each with their own special abilities that will give them an advantage over the opponent in a match. Your ultimate goal in the game is to build the most powerful team of heroes, but you’re not restricted to only one team: you can collect lots of heroes, and build teams of five with them.

There are several reasons why you should be playing Hero Wars. Let’s discuss these in this article, with the hope that, at the end of this, you’ll be able to decide whether or not Hero Wars is to your liking.

First, there are plenty of challenges in this game. This one takes the hero leveling up system to a whole new level. In addition to gaining experience points and reaching levels to make your character stronger, there’s an entire system here to strengthen each hero and make him or her more powerful.

One of the aspects of the hero development system in Hero Wars is the evolution of heroes. You can evolve a hero by collecting their Soul Stones. Soul Stones can be picked up as loot in heroic missions, the icons of which in the Campaign map are denoted by an image of the hero whose Soul Stone is available in that mission.

Another way to increase the Power of your Heroes is to collect equipment. As with any MMORPG, equipment are picked up during battle. There are two types of gear here: the complete ones and the collectibles. The latter are those that need to be crafted from items before they can be equipped.

Just imagine how fun and challenging it is to fight in different missions in order to collect the necessary equipment to raise your heroes’ power and fighting abilities.

Yet another way of raising the power and other statistics of your Heroes is to enhance glyphs. Glyphs are rewards for guild activities, which means that you’ll have to play a lot in order to contribute enough Guild points to your Guild and earn Glyphs.

Aside from the Campaign, Hero Wars also includes a well-defined raiding and PvP functionality.

Player vs Player combat takes place in the Arena and the Grand Arena, the latter of which can only be accessed when your team level reaches 50. PvP combat is fully automatic, which means the characters do everything by themselves including when to activate their special skills – an action that normally requires your intervention unless you pressed the Auto button.

Fighting in the Arena will gain you Emeralds and Arena Points, which you can spend at the Merchant for Soul Stones and rare equipment.

Raiding is done by going through the different levels of the Tower. You gain Tower Points, which is used the same as the Arena Points.

Itching to give Hero Wars a try? Go to its Facebook App Page, and you can play it for free.

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