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Why You Should Play Battle Battalions

Rate this Article Battle Battalions is a great game that took the world by storm the very day it was released. In this article we’ll be talking about it in a bit more detail and basically we’ll be telling you why you should try it out. MMO Square - Why You Should Play Battle Battalions

The main reason Battle Battalions is game worth trying out is the fact that it does something new. The game doesn’t stick with the traditions laid out by its predecessors and instead tries to revolutionize things. Straying from the tried and true formulae when developing a game is a fairly bold risk since players might not like the changes but this risk works out very nicely for this game and makes for a really refreshing and entertaining experience for all to enjoy. Not many games can boast being a MOBA and RTS at the same time but this one certainly can.

Another reason to play these games is that they reward players for crafting new strategies and tactics. Players are able to put together many different kinds of squadrons when playing these games and how they use these squadrons is completely up to them. This promotes healthy gameplay and gives the game longevity as well since players can constantly come up with new strategies which will prevent things from ever feeling dull. Repetitiveness is the key reason a game ends up dying out and fortunately, that won’t be an issue for Battle Battalions due to all the diverse strategies that the community can come up with.

Battle Battalions looks phenomenal as well. The game features some of the most well designed and immersive graphics out there. The animations are absolutely stunning, the in-game units have an amazing amount of detail to them and the special effects are a sight to behold. Watching a battlefield during a match is an absolute delight due to all the explosions and chaos that’s occurring at the time.

There’s no doubting the fact that Battle Battalions is a fairly complex game which might be good for it when thinking of the big picture but it’s also, in a way, a small flaw since it makes things slightly difficult for newcomers. Thankfully, the game is very new player friendly and features one of the most in-depth and informative tutorials out there. The level of depth that the tutorial consists of makes sure that people don’t have to face any unnecessary difficulties as they try to get the hang of things.

Last but certainly not least, although the game is backed up by a fairly massive community, the level of toxicity is next to none. Normally, competitive games of this kind tend to attract toxic players that prefer winning over pretty much everything else but this one doesn’t seem to have that problem which is great.

All things considered, Battle Battalions is a sensational game that manages to blend together the very best elements of two genres and this makes for a really fresh and engaging game that we highly recommend you to try out.

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