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Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Thrilling New Version of Dragon Awaken is Online

Check out these brand new features! A Thrilling New Version of Dragon Awaken is Online Dragon Awaken is a thrilling browser RPG with thousands of players worldwide. The new version 3.20 of Dragon Awaken is opening a whole new world of possibilities. The new update includes several new ways to upgrade and play.

The most remarkable update is Pet Refine, in which players can recycle their Pet Skin Cards for Pet Essence and increase their Pet’s ATK, DEF, and HP.

Also, lots of new items have been added to the Auction. Players can now enjoy the full possibilities of the Auction function, getting the rarest items for the lowest prices.

Dragon Awaken is also holding a series of events both in-game and in their official community and social media. The players who participate in the events will be able to win lots of rewards, including Pet Skin Cards.

New Content

Pet Refine
Pet Skin Cards can now be recycled to obtain up to 4,500 Pet Essence. Refine can increase the ATK, DEF and HP of your Pet.

New Items in Auction
- Shards for Pet Skin Cards (Except for Naivety and King of the Beasts)
- New S Class Enchantment Card Chest
- Relic Soul, Dragon Soul, Mount Soul, Armor Soul, Pet Soul, Flag Soul, Fiend's Ring Soul, Magic Soul, and Aegis Soul.

Castle Level
The Castle Level limit has been extended to 15.