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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Aim and Shoot - Bomb Me is Officially Released on 17th May

The Spanish version of the game is available now! Aim and Shoot - Bomb Me is Officially Released on 17th May Have you ever played a kind of shooting game that combines trajectory elements? Have you ever played a shooting game with multiple social systems? Now it’s the chance for all the players to try one! Bomb Me is a trajectory shooting mobile game, which has created a strong community in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and Brazil. In order to acknowledge the support of players in Spanish-speaking countries and meet their urgent demand, the whole development team of Bomb Me spared no effort to develop the Spanish version of this game, which is exclusive for Spanish-speaking players!

In Bomb Me, players will need to master different shooting techniques to battle and will have the chance to make friends in real time. Immerse yourself in this exciting world with cute graphics, sparkling effects and various weapon systems!

Features in Bomb Me

Diversified Battle Modes
Unlike other simple shooting games, there will be far more than one battle mode in Bomb Me. Players can choose PVE, PVP, GVE, GVG and so on as they like in the game. In Bomb Me, players from around the world can battle with each other in real time. Different maps will be available for all players and distributed randomly to each match. Apart from that, player can also join a Guild to have Guild Battles to obtain lots of items!

Off-line Gaming
For most mobile games, stable network connection or Wi-Fi spot is necessary for fluent gameplay. What if the player cannot get both of them and he still wants to play Bomb Me? Don’t worry! The Off-line mode in Bomb Me allows players to play the game normally even without any network on their mobiles. In the Off-line mode players will be able to train their characters and upload their achievements once their phones are connected again. Therefore, no matter if you are online or offline, just play Bomb Me anywhere, anytime!

Unique Social System
In Bomb Me, players will never be alone, for the reason that there will be various social systems in the game, which satisfies the social need of the players. There will be amazing features in Bomb Me for the players to make new friends and become more powerful. Among them, the marriage system provides the players with the opportunity to marry a friend or your love one to win lots of bonuses. In addition, players can also become the master or the apprentice of others in the Temple, which will be beneficial for level up themselves!

Other Features
Furthermore, there will be other more attractive features inside the game. For example, players can feed and train their pets to foster their love, and they can be taken into the battles. What’s more, players are able to collect more than 301 outfits to style up their characters in the game!

You can find more information about Bomb Me on Bomb Me’s Official Website or Bomb Me’s Facebook fan page.