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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas is Here -- Enjoy Your First Christmas in Legend of Junior

Special Christmas-themed events await you in Legend of Junior! Christmas is Here -- Enjoy Your First Christmas in Legend of Junior Christmas is nearly here, and all the Christmas events are being prepared for the festive holidays. Also a new version will be released during Christmas. What fun will the Legend of Junior team bring to their players in their first Christmas? Let’s take a look!

Legend of Junior is a free-to-play browser game with themed in a Chinese wuxia world, offering a wonderful and realistic Jianghu for adventure. Standing for its high quality and friendly graphics, players can live their own epic adventure in the mythological Wuxia world and also learn about the culture. Legend of Junior has been releasing a new version at least two times a month, bringing more fun and adventures to their players. Very soon the players will spend their first Christmas in Legend of Junior. Here are some of the events to come.

Christmas Ceremony
There will be a big event called Christmas Ceremony with several new features: The Christmas Boss, Ceremony Dungeon, Special Exchange and Drops not only bring a new gameplay to players but will also put them in the most festive mood! There will be lots of rewards for participating.

Enhance Equipment System
Most players like the game for it’s great variety of items and options to increase their Battle Ranking. But the dungeons and enemies will also grow stronger along with the players. So real heroes will always need to improve themselves. This is what the Enhance Equipment System will allow players to do. Players will get rare items to equip. These rare items can be upgraded and there will be a new dungeon Treasure Island to obtain the necessary upgrading materials.

Ultimate 1v1
Similar to Cross-Server PVP battle but offers different and better rewards. Player from all servers can choose their rivals and battle to obtain rewards and honor. It’s a good system to test the player’s Battle Rank and find their weakness.

New fashion suits
Fashion suits in Legend of Junior are very special and teach different part of the Chinese culture and mythology. The new two sets of fashion suits are about the stories Journey to the West and Three Kingdoms West Shu. A small surprise will happen after collecting a whole set of them! To know more about this event, follow the link: (link)

Facebook Event
To celebrate their first Christmas, Legend of Junior’s official fan page will hold an event. Players only have to follow the steps and participate. The rewards contain a couple of surprises! Click this link to join: