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Friday, June 19, 2020

Dragon Awaken Releases a Massive Update to Celebrate Game Hollywood’s 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th birthday Game Hollywood! Dragon Awaken Releases a Massive Update to Celebrate Game Hollywood’s 10th Anniversary Celebrating Game Hollywood’s 10th Anniversary, Dragon Awaken has just released a massive new update, version 3.10. As you can expect, the update includes a bunch of stuff designed to impress you.

In the past ten years, Game Hollywood has built its oversea publishing on releasing globally popular titles and bringing Asian hits to the western market. Many of its games, including Wartune and DDTank, are still exuding lasting vitality.

Dragon Awaken has created a strong community in North America and Europe since its launch. And now, there are more than 5,623,213 players worldwide. In this latest update, players are offered new stuff which is remarkable.

New Content

1) Season Trial - Season Shop
In version 3.10 Dragon Awaken added the Season Shop in Season Trial. Players can gradually unlock more items based on the current Season Level.

2) New Martyr
A new Martyr God of Death has been online. Death Wish is its unique skill, which can increase all units' DMG dealt when an ally is defeated.

3) Customized Pack
Players can buy the pack after the selection.

In June, Dragon Awaken celebrates Children’s Day, Fathers’ Day and Olympic Day by adding many events both in-game and in its official community. Lots of New Pet Skins, Mounts, and Fashions are online.

About Dragon Awaken
Dragon Awaken is a thrilling online RPG game built around character growth, dungeon exploration and PvP features. In this dangerous fantasy world, players are warriors destined to do great things.

1. No need to download: Players only need to log in to enjoy the game. They don't have to download anything.

2. 3D rendering: With the help of the 3D rendering engine, the game provides high quality graphics. All characters and buildings have been modeled in 3D.

3. Beautiful and diverse backgrounds: From the Cosmos to the Continent, we offer you a world full of imagination.

4. Thrilling battles: The semi-turn based system offers you exciting and spectacular fights. You won't want to miss any detail of your battle.

5. Hero Development: Featuring real heroes from mythology and history. Develop your heroes and conquer the world with them!