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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Eternal Fury H5– Let's celebrate 1st Anniversary together!

Come and celebrate Eternal Fury H5's first birthday together! Eternal Fury H5– Let's celebrate 1st Anniversary together! Eternal Fury H5 celebrates its first anniversary! Thank you for your continued support! During this event, there will be different surprise rewards and events. Log into the game from May 20th to May 24th to receive free gifts every day. Also the Drop rate of the Mercenaries will be increased! Let's check what more the First Anniversary Celebration will bring!

First Surprise: Exotic Magic Lamp event

Every warrior has 10 free chances to participate every day. It is an easy way to obtain the Anniversary rare materials Lamp Dust and Fabled Crystal, as well as Summoning Scrolls to summons Heroes. Our warriors won't have to worry about the lack of materials! Everyone will have the chance to obtain what they need!

Second Surprise: Fabled Shop

For this First Anniversary Celebration, a new feature has opened: The Fabled Shop! This fantastic shop brings the new and Anniversary limited items Golden Wing and Eidolon Wing items. And also SSR and SR Mercenary Shard chests! After participating in the Exotic Magic Lamp event, remember to go to the Fabled Shop to use Fabled Crystals and redeem the rewards you want!

Third Surprise: Annual Lucky Slot

The Golden Weapon you have been dreaming of will be available in the Lucky Slot in the First Anniversary Celebration! Also, you will find lots of amazing and rare items like the SR Hero Aether, Fabled Crystals and Epic Shard chests.

These and more are waiting for you so come on over and join in all the revelry!