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Wednesday, November 30, 2016 Forge of Empires Review

Forge of Empires Winter Event

Celebrate the coming of winter with these amazing events! Forge of Empires Winter Event Frosty the Snowman is back in Forge of Empires! He brings with him new quests for the winter season. Each day of the event brings a new challenge you can complete in exchange for some of the game's seasonal currency – Winter Stars! Collect as many as you can, because you will use the Stars to open presents in the game's winter shop.

There is also an advent calendar whereby you can claim a free gift every day. However, the prizes are not fixed. Instead, every time you press the "Start" button to claim a prize, the presents that you see before you will be hidden, shuffled and a random prize will be chosen. To open the present though, you'll need to spend 10 Stars.

If you miss a special prize that you simply must have, you will be able to buy it for Diamonds the next day (in most cases).

In addition to Frosty's avatar (if you have not gotten it yet), 2 new festive avatars are now available to be won in this year's winter event too. There are two new winter buildings to collect throughout the course of the event: Santa's Workshop and a Gift Tower. Also all of the Winter buildings from the previous years will be available again for you to obtain: The Nutcracker, Snow Globe, Festive Tree, Winter Gate with its two Gate Statues, Gingerbread House, Reindeer Sleigh... etc

Lastly, owners of all Confectionaries from the previous years, except for the last year's Legendary Confectionary (which is the final level of the Confectionary), will be able to upgrade them as well.

The Winter Event on Beta ends on December 6th. So, don't miss out - drop by Forge of Empires now and check out all the goodies that await you!