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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lutie RPG Clicker's Week 2 Giveaway

After grabbing the first week of freebies, here's the second round! Lutie RPG Clicker's Week 2 Giveaway In preparation for the launch of Lutie RPG Clicker on March 26th, Ludic Games is giving away 400 Starter Packs worth $30 each. Each gift pack contains

5x ManaStone Chests: Obtain Rare ManaStones that you can equip on your Guardians
1x 40% Awaken Potion: Awaken your Guardians to unlock their Full Potential
5000x MiniGame Coins: Purchase Costumes & Skills in MiniGame Shop

With these items at hand, you'll definitely be able to blaze through the game and your opponents once it is finally released on the 26th!

To get a code, all you need to do is to fill in our Contact Form or send us a Facebook message with the correct answer. Here's an example:

Subject: Lutie RPG Clicker's Week 2 Giveaway
Details: The answer is .........

Once done, just wait for a reply from us (usually within a working day, or two at most) and you can get your gift code!

How to redeem your gift code:
1. Codes can be redeemed inside the Lutie RPG Clicker App, once the game launches on 26 Mar 2018.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to win yourself some amazing items - Contact us now, answer the very simple question, and grab yourself a free gift code! Best yet, stay tuned next week for the last round of giveaway!

• Codes may only be used once.
• Codes will expire on 18 Apr 2018.

What is Lutie RPG Clicker?
Lutie RPG Clicker is a tap-filled idle adventure RPG. Advance through 4,500 stages containing a smorgasbord of Opponents including Angelic Jelly Penguins, Steampunk Dogs, Androids and who can forget the Duck Manager!

Inline with your tapping pleasure, stages slowly ramp in difficulty and Opponent HP:

1) Stage 0001: 5 HP
2) Stage 0100: 12,320 HP
3) Stage 2225: 10,161,771,690 HP
4) Stage 4500: 150,690,375,000 HP

If this is just the type of game you'd like, be sure to stick around and grab yourself a few more freebies so you can get a head start when the game finally goes to launch.