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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Masangsoft Launched Free-to-Play MMORPG, DK Online Global, on Steam

DK Online Global is now available for free on Steam! Masangsoft Launched Free-to-Play MMORPG, DK Online Global, on Steam Masangsoft announced that it has launched global service of MMORPG 'DK Online', which was developed and will be serviced by the very same company.

"DK Online" is a MMORPG that has five races and classes. In addition, it set in the virtual empire "Redisse". User-to-user interaction beyond combat and large-scale siege in guild units are the characteristics of the game.

Masangsoft has opened a new brand site to guide global users about various information related to the game also a game introduction trailer video was released toowhich features several iconic characters from the game. Furthermore, many more game mechanics such as the hunting guide, Item Dictionary, and Monster HP bar, as well as game balance were improved for the players.

To celebrate the launching, you can get a ton of rewards by participating in various events such as ‘Guild Grow-up Event’ and ‘Server Rank Event’. The ‘DK Special Package’ was also launched as a celebratory starter package.

Masangsoft said that “The success of DK Online’s Global launch can be attributed to the warm and loving reception from the users and the hardwork that was put into the game by our employees. Hopefully, players will be able to enjoy playing the game that we've poured so much love into.”