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Thursday, April 6, 2017 Roblox Review

More Reviews on Your Favorite Games at RobloxGo

We've just added 3 more reviews on RobloxGo - go check them out! More Reviews on Your Favorite Games at RobloxGo We've just added three more reviews on RobloxGo. They are Hide and Seek Extreme, Flood Escape, and Assassin!. Come and check them out!

Among the three, we've enjoyed playing Hide and Seek Extreme the most. The game doesn't only have amazing graphics, each map is very well-designed to allow for plenty of hiding spots (both obvious and not-so-obvious locations) for you to hide in. If you want to re-experience a hint of nostalgia, Hide and Seek Extreme is the best digital form of hide and seek that you can find on Roblox!

Love challenging jumping puzzles? Well, you can't go wrong with Flood Escape. The impending flood that gradually fills up the room you're trapped in gives the game a sense of urgency that most escape-type games provide simply by adding a timer. There's even a multiplayer option too, where teamwork is the key to leaving the game room in one piece.

If you love knife-fights, you're in luck as well - We've just reviewed Assassin! and boy, does it have plenty of knife fights in it! Let's not forget about the many cool weapon skins for those CS:GO fan boys out there!