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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sign Up for Alpha in Atlas Reactor

Glyph has recently announced a brand new game titled Atlas Reactor that features team tactics and most uniquely of all, simultaneous turns. Read on to find out more. Rask in Atlas Reactor Atlas Reactor: Combat Zuki in Atlas Reactor Atlas Reactor: Showdown Asana in Atlas Reactor Turn-based games can be fun and all, but the pace can be rather maddeningly slow, making these games not so ideal for competitive gaming. However, Glyph has recently announced a brand new game titled Atlas Reactor that features team tactics and most uniquely of all, simultaneous turns. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions in mind, but let us start with a brief introduction of what Atlas Reactor is.

Atlas Reactor is a competitive turn-based multiplayer that is set in the futuristic world of Atlas. This world is dominated by 2 powerful Trusts, namely Stratos and EvoS (Evolution Solutions). Stratos wants blueprints while EvoS wants biological samples and both companies are competing to hire Atlas’ most wanted (and highly paid) Freelancers to help them get the job done.

So far, Atlas Reactor has 6 of these Lancers available, namely Lockwood the Scoundrel, Pup the Prototype Puppy, Asana the Techno Tachi, Garrison the One Man Army, the rocket-launcher-wielding Zuki and the bestial Rask. There will be 2 more Lancers coming real soon as well. Each of these Lancers has up to 5 unique skills. For instance, Lockwood is a pro with his pistols and can perform trick shots, fire off a multitude of rounds rapidly and even set up tripwire traps.

Pup, on the other hand, is a robotic dog and hence has the skill, megabite, pounce, walkies, prowl protocol and subwoof. Asana is a samurai-like character with an excellent proficiency in swordplay and defensive nanotech while Garrison plays out a lot like Warmachine from the Iron Man movie. Zuki is an explosive expert and is best used in dealing area-of-effect damage and Rask… well, let’s just say that he’s a beast at dealing melee damage.

For the gameplay, Atlas Reactor allows players to experience simultaneous turns. What does this means exactly? This means that that while you’re deciding what to do, you’ll also need to guess what your opponent is going to do as well. Questions like “is he going to shoot back?” or “is he going to dodge out of the way?” are some of the very common ones that you’ll be asking while playing Atlas Reactor. This is because once your action is locked in, both your and your opponent’s moves will be played out simultaneously. So if you see him at that spot when you fired your weapons, he might have already moved to another spot in anticipation of your attack using a skill, causing you to miss your shots. In other words, everyone moves on the same turn at the same time and there is no waiting time as all players in a match will be making their decisions in the same turn!

Decisions in this game are also made within seconds (30 seconds to be precise) and you’ll need to be quick in thinking out your strategy and executing it. Not to mention, the game will also feature a fog of war that prevents you from seeing enemies at are too far away. This increases the challenge of the game and also makes planning a tad bit risky too… after all, who knows whether there’s an enemy ready to ambush anyone (that might be you) that passed him by. Matches in Atlas Reactor are expected to run between 10 to 20 minutes in length, which is, admittedly, pretty fast-paced.

The game also features stylized graphics that reminded me greatly of Borderlands’ unique graphics. Guess Atlas Reactor is artistically inspired by the game. However, the art style for the characters is rather different if you compare the art style the game use for the in-game environment. The contrast is a very nice touch.

If Atlas Reactor sounds just like a dream come true for you, well, you’ll definitely be exulted to know that the game is currently recruiting alpha testers for the game. So, go on and sign up, and who knows? We might see each other in-game soon!

Check out the announcement trailer here: