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Friday, July 24, 2020

Vampire Empire Releases A Series of Updates!

Set Off on Your King’s Road and Build Your Vampire Kingdom Vampire Empire Releases A Series of Updates! Vampire Empire is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) 3D strategy game themed of the Middle Ages. It provides a big world map for free exploration and castle war among global players, supporting more than 8 languages. In the past few months, Vampire Empire releases 3 updates that significantly improve the game. Read below to get more details about it.

Version 3.0: Adjustments on Gargoyles and 2 New Gargoyles
Gargoyle plays an important role in increasing the Lord's power. In Patch 3.0, 2 new Gargoyles are added to give more options for making strategy. Besides, to better help players understand the development of Gargoyle, the dev team has made the comprehension of Gargoyle's development easier, by dividing it into 5 separate parts.

Version 3.1: Improved Newbie's System
For those who are not quite familiar with a classic strategy game, it can be a little hard to get on hand soon in Vampire Empire though it has given an easily handy guide. Thus, the Vampire Empire developer team has provided one more way for players to accelerate their development. This system has been put on in their new server and gain popularity from new coming players. It will still be scheduled for the new server coming in later July. So, if you want to give a try, that will be the best time.

Version 3.2 Content: New Castle Skins, New Buffs
Version 3.2 was just released on July 22 nd, bringing four new sets of Castle Skins that provide buffs on Resources Production, Construction, Troop Training, and Technology Research. In addition, limited-time equipment will be available for a further boost and rewards are more handsome on the Newbie event King's Road. This version also brings improvement on many systems to make the gameplay smoother.

If you're looking for a Vampire game or a simple strategy game to enjoy to kill time, just give Vampire Empire a try. In this game, you can achieve your dream of being an invincible Lord and manage to make your mightiest castle. Enjoy a real-time war and meet global players from all over the world. Make an alliance with your friends and start to conquer the kingdom. Wars can be crude, but it can also be fun to enjoy with your friends!