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3 Common Mistakes That You’re Probably Making in League of Legends

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Want to become one of the top ranked League of Legends player? Well, you've got to stop making some of these common mistakes first! MMO Anlage - 3 Common Mistakes That You’re Probably Making in League of Legends

The genre of MOBA games is no doubt one of the most complex out there. Almost all these games come with an incredibly steep learning curve that players have to overcome when they first get started. The process of overcoming the learning curve can often be a lengthy one and it also consists of ironing out the common mistakes that players make and in this article we’ll be discussing these exact mistakes so you can teach yourself to avoid making them.

1: Not Prioritizing Minion Kills

Each minion kill in League of Legends can give you up to 20 gold during the early game, even more if your target is a cannon minion. This gold seems like a menial amount to most newcomers but they don’t consider the fact that it can add up to a tremendous amount as long as you keep consistently killing minions. The net gold that you earn from killing 13-14 minions is roughly the same as the gold that you get from killing an actual champion and this is why you should always try your best to secure minion kills.

2: Not Tracking the Enemy’s Cooldowns

If you want to take down enemy champions in League of Legends, you’ll need to outplay the players behind them and in order to outplay them you’ll need to force them into situations that favor you and then take them out there. However, these situations are quite hard to come by when you’re not tracking the enemy champion’s ability cooldowns and many new players actually are guilty of this. If you keep track of the spell cooldowns of your enemies then you’ll easily be able to force duels on your own terms and easily win them so you should never make the mistake of ignoring the cooldowns of enemy abilities. One of the easiest ways to win a fight in League of Legends is by simply waiting for an enemy champion to use one of their key abilities on something else and then use this moment to pounce on them and take them out.

3: Tunneling Too Hard on a Single Enemy during a Teamfight

Perhaps the biggest mistake the players make while playing League of Legends is that they divert the entirety of their focus towards killing a single champion whenever a teamfight emerges and this often causes them to lose sight of the big picture. While killing a priority target is usually a good thing, you should never try to force the kill if the circumstances don’t favor you. League of Legends requires players to adapt and this is especially true during teamfights. If you can’t seem to reach a priority target then you should shift your attention to another target who’s in your reach because successfully killing one low priority target is always better than losing your life attempting to kill a high priority target.

All said and done, as long as you avoid making the aforementioned three mistakes when you’re playing League of Legends, we can say with certainty that your skill at the game will improve significantly.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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