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5 Best MOBA Games on Mobile

Diesen Artickel einschätzen The mobile platform has seen quite a few exceptional MOBA games over the years and, in this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the best we’ve seen. MMO Anlage - 5 Best MOBA Games on Mobile

There’s actually been an insane amount of mobile-based MOBAs over the past few years and this is why picking out a top 5 list was actually a greater challenge than it usually is. The games on this list managed to get their spots because they’re immaculate on a technical level, have solid character balance and also come with their own unique features that set them apart from the crowd.

The following MOBA games are those that we feel are the best currently available on the mobile platform.


Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is an extremely high-quality mobile based MOBA that delivers fast-paced gameplay and a variety of other unique features to anyone who gives it a shot. The game pulls off the fundamentals of the genre with perfection and it has enough of its own characteristics to give it a unique identity. The game’s character roster is also one of the most varied we’ve seen mobile based MOBA games.


Heroes of Order and Chaos

Heroes of Order and Chaos was one of the first mobile-based MOBAs to surface, and, even today, it stands as one of the most popular and enjoyable games of its kind. The game tries its best to replicate the experience that traditional PC based MOBAs have to offer and, all things considered, it comes quite close. The game’s filled to the brim with action-packed moments, has a massive roster of characters to choose from, and its visuals are some of the best we’ve seen as far as mobile-based MOBAs are concerned.



The reason Vainglory impressed us so much is the fact that it implemented a unique play-style of its own and didn’t follow the trend of copying the same 5v5 formula that’s been around in the genre ever since its inception. Vainglory offers intense and fast-paced 3v3 action in which there’s never a dull moment so it’s definitely a good MOBA to play if you’re a thrill seeker.


Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor doesn’t try to innovate in any major way but, even in spite of this, it got a spot on this list and this is mainly due to the fact that it pulls off the genre’s fundamentals with perfection. There’s a massive roster of characters to choose from, highly strategic gameplay to enjoy and a variety of other elements that are going to keep players hooked for quite some time.


Heroes Arena

Much like Arena of Valor, Heroes Arena managed to get a spot in this list because it stays true to the core concepts of the genre and executes them in a near perfect manner. You’re not going to experience anything out of the ordinary while playing it but you’re still going to have a delightful time playing it since it offers highly strategic gameplay, solid visuals and a pretty big selection of characters that players can pick from.

All said and done, the aforementioned MOBA games are those that we think are the best currently available on the mobile platform so it goes without saying that we recommend trying them out.

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