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5 Types of Units Commonly Seen in RTS Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen RTS games have evolved a lot over the years but there are certain units that these games simply cannot function without and in this article we’ll be covering each one of them and highlighting why they’ve become staples of this genre. MMO Anlage - 5 Types of Units Commonly Seen in RTS Games

1: Scout

The scout is a unit that RTS games simply cannot function without. As soon as most RTS games start out, players send scouting units to their enemy’s base in order to see how they’re progressing and what their plans are. Proper usage of a scout is something that separates good RTS players from great ones and this is why this is a unit that’s always been in RTS games and will continue to remain a core part of this genre for many years to come.

2: Cheap Melee Infantry

Cheap Melee Infantry is something that RTS games simply couldn’t function without because a lot of early game strategies revolve around these units. This particular unit is usually made available at the very beginning and, because of how cheap they are to produce, a lot of players create them in massive amounts to annihilate the enemy base before they have time to setup any proper defenses. These units don’t function as well as the game goes on but, for players who like to go aggressive early, they’re definitely the best out there.

3: Siege Units

Siege units are a crucial part of RTS games because, at some point, bases reach a point where there fortifications are so high that standard units simply cannot penetrate them. At this particular point, players need to construct siege units because they’re the only way to break through an enemy’s defense. Siege units are generally quite slow but they can deal insane damage to structures. Siege units can’t deal with regular units by themselves, though, so it’s usually wise to have them guarded by infantry so the enemies can’t just walk up and annihilate them.

4: Healing Units

Although these units aren’t a part of every single RTS game out there, they’re still quite common and it’s fairly obvious why. Healing units give players the ability to rejuvenate their forces whenever they’re low on health and this ability can actually turn the tide of an entire battle. If you utilize your healing units properly then you can effectively keep recycling your forces over and over again because you can retreat them whenever they’re low and then send them back once they’ve healed up.

5: Ranged Units

No matter what RTS game you play, you’re bound to find some kind of ranged unit to utilize in your forces. Ranged units have many advantages with the most obvious one being the ability to whittle down the health bars of opponents from afar. These units are extremely weak up close, though, so you’ll need to position them properly or else they’ll get taken down.

All said and done, the aforementioned units are the ones that you’re bound to find in every RTS game. While on the subject, it’s recommended that you try these games out if you haven’t already as they’re quite addicting and can keep you hooked for many hours.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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