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Activities in Strategy Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen There are lots of different strategy games available to play, but many share some particular traits that make them both enjoyable and provide you with lots of fun and different things to do. MMO Anlage - Activities in Strategy Games

There’s no arguing against the fact that things like creating structures, building up armies and gathering resources are the bread and butter of every single strategy MMO but putting these aside, what end game content and activities do these games provide for the players? In this article we’re going to be discussing exactly that.

When you put all the basics aside you’ll see that strategy MMO games have a ton of activities available for their players. Each of these activities exists to make sure that the players always have something to do no matter how far they've progressed into the game.
One example of such activities is research.

Even though you may have walls surrounding your castle or have an enormous army, there’s always room for improvement and research does exactly that. There are different kinds of research options available to the players; some allow you to speed up your resource gathering, some can increase the fortification of your castle and some can boost the stats of your army for example in Magecraft where you’ll always have upgrades available for your soldiers which you can utilize if you feel that they aren’t performing well in battle. It must be pointed out that heavy emphasis on researching doesn’t occur until end-game since it can be extremely expensive at items and early on you want quantity over quality.

Forming an alliance or guild with other players is always a great option. No matter how fortified your base is, it’s always going to be susceptible to invasions when you’re not around but if you’re part of a guild then there won’t be any need to worry since you’ll constantly have allied support backing you up whether or not you’re logged on to defend your base. One example of this would be the alliance feature in Dark Age Wars which not only grants you allied backup at all times but on top of this it allows you to exchange resources with your partners for a much more stable economy.

Laying siege to the bases of other players is always something that’s available to do. It might seem like a simple task at first but its execution can be rather complex but if pulled off properly it can be extremely rewarding for the player. A proper siege requires a good combination of different kinds of units, proper deployment and in some games, good micro-management. If an opponent manages to hold off your attack then you might be in for some serious trouble but if you can penetrate through the enemy’s defense then bounty awaits you. Think of it as a high risk – high reward maneuver.

Another thing that you can do is expansion. Expansion can often be quite a big investment but ultimately it pays off very well. If you’re able to successfully expand your base then not only will you have access to more resources but you’ll probably be able to increase the total capacity of your army due to having more housing space.

And finally we come to what we all love doing, taking the fight to the enemy and conquering new territories. Whether destroying a bandit hideout or smashing an enemy player’s base all of your hard work is about to pay off. Whether you have real time battles, or send your warriors off on missions the combat, and thrill of success is what we all want.

All of the aforementioned activities define a good strategy MMO and are sure to please anyone who tries them out whether it’s raiding someone else’s base or forming a diplomatic alliance with your neighbors.

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