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Alternative Online Games for Men

Diesen Artickel einschätzen A lot of men love video games, and here are some awesome online games they love playing: MMO Anlage - Alternative Online Games for Men

Men love many things, but what men love most is playing games. From the moment they are born, boys play games. Whether it's with toy cars, with Lego, or in real life playing soccer, football, basketball, or tennis, or shooting in a virtual environment or with paintball or laser tag. Men love playing games so much that when you enter a bar, you can't get one man to stop talking about his latest video game conquest.

If you're looking to play some awesome games online but are tired of playing the same old ones, check out our list of the best alternative online games for men with the help of Whether you prefer strategy games, sports games, RPG, or any other games listed below, you'll enjoy yourself as much as we did while creating this list of great games.

1. Video Poker

Video poker combines elements of online slots with poker, with video screen-like slots and playing cards resembling poker. Your task, should you want to accept the computer's offer, is to select five cards to keep and five to discard.

How big of a jackpot is possible in video poker? Without knowing the rules of the game, the stakes, and your intended approach, you cannot answer that question. Read on if you want more direction and reliable methods for winning.

2. Civilization VI

Select a historical figure from anywhere in the world and put them in charge of an undeveloped nation as you guide them from 4000 B.C. Several historical figures are available for collaboration, including Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington, and Isaac Newton.

Managing your army and resources effectively and making choices that advance civilization is difficult. For example, do you prioritize defense or science when deciding where to put your money? How can you know which areas are suitable for farming?

It's not as simple as bringing a primitive culture up to date. You may fund extensive space exploration, foster a society that values the arts or preach the gospel. However, given that Civilization is a turn-based game, you can always return to your task at a later time.

3. Slots

Online slot machines dominate the gambling market. This means that actual cash can be won while playing. But if you're not a gambler, that's not anything you need to worry about. You may avoid spending money downloading free casino applications and playing one-armed bandits.

For instance, slot machines found in internet casinos are far higher quality, controlled and fair, and pay out much more frequently. However, this is offset by the financial investment required to participate.

In a few situations, you can spin the reels of actual money slots without risking any of your own. To get started, try out the demo version of each game several times. The second choice also ensures a chance of winning money, albeit there may be restrictions on how that money is withdrawn.

4. Roulette

The game of roulette is deceptively easy to learn and fun to play. You deposit a wager before spinning a custom-made wheel. The marker or ball on the wheel can be wagered to land on a certain number (1 to 36). There's also the option of betting that the ball will drop in a black pocket instead of a red one.

Online roulette is a huge attraction for gamblers. This is a high-stakes game of chance. As a result, it's not a good idea to drop a lot of cash right off the off. If you must, you can play it without spending a dime.

5. Graveyard Keeper

Do you prefer games with gloomy settings, then? Try out Graveyard Keeper, a fun and free browser game where you can clear land, build tombs, and connect with locals.

To be clear, Graveyard Keeper is set in a medieval graveyard, which lends an air of mystery and gloom to the otherwise lighthearted story. It's not as massive or intricate as Among Us, but the premium content is still behind a paywall. For instance, the dead can be brought back to life and forced to perform menial chores like digging graves. Alternatively, you can enter a tavern for a fee.

6. Farming Simulator 20

Playing Farming Simulator requires no prior knowledge or expertise with farming. Contrarily, this simulation game rewards creative players, has strong management chops, and has the drive to create a mighty empire.

Various farm vehicles, including John Deere tractors, are featured in the game. Then there are vast fields for cultivating typical North American fare, including corn, cotton, vegetables, onions, fruits, and barley.

7. Golf Clash

With the popularity of mobile gaming on the rise, you could try your hand at a golf simulation game. You may play Golf Clash on your iOS or Android device. You can play with folks of similar skill levels in a hassle-free environment.

However, your golfing prowess at Golf Club will depend significantly on the quality of your clubs and balls. The beginner set of standard balls and clubs is not very accurate. For this reason, consistent victory is essential to amass the necessary cash and upgrade your clubs.

You may, of course, always go out and buy them. That's what lazy individuals do if they want the best clubs and balls for their game. Yet there is zero obligatory in-game spending. In the long run, if you play regularly, you will be rewarded with good gear.

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