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Apex Legends Character Guide: Caustic

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Caustic is a character that, when utilized properly, can eliminate entire squads by himself and in this article we’ll be teaching you how you can make the most out of them. MMO Anlage - Apex Legends Character Guide: Caustic

Caustic is definitely among the most unique characters in Apex Legends in terms of play-style because he’s perhaps the only character in the game who requires quite a bit of setup before initiating combat in order to be at his absolute best. Caustic doesn’t really excel in spontaneous fights that break out all of a sudden but, when he’s allowed to plan for a fight and setup somewhere for an ambush, his ability to obliterate entire squads is unparalleled.

Caustic’s entire kit revolves around using deadly Nox gas in order to hinder and annihilate his opponents and this is why his passive is perhaps the most essential part of his kit. Nox gas usually hinders the vision of whoever’s inside it but Caustic’s passive gives him the ability to see enemies through the gas so, no matter how sticky of a situation you’re in and how many enemies decide to charge into your gas setup, you’ll always be able to keep them in sight and this, of course, is going to aid you a tremendous amount during combat since your enemies won’t be able to see much but you will be able to track each and every one of their movements.

Caustic’s tactical ability is a straightforward gas trap that’s triggered when shot or by enemies in close proximity. It’s crucial to remember that Caustic can place multiple different gas traps in the same area and this is why it’s highly recommended that you take out the time to setup for a fight by placing as many containers you possibly can in the area that you want to engage your opponents in. One gas trap on its own probably won’t have much of an impact but, if you can fill up an area with multiple traps before your opponents get to you, you’ll be able to get the upper hand easily as the entire area will be blanketed with poisonous Nox gas and enemy squad will have no real choice other than retreating or fighting you at a massive disadvantage. Proper use of this ability is what sets the good Caustic’s apart from the great ones and this is why we highly recommend mastering it as quickly as you can.

Caustic’s ultimate is a gas grenade that immediately spreads a large amount of Nox gas in the target area and this is an extremely useful ability to have because it gives Caustic the ability to retaliate when he gets ambushed and doesn’t have time to setup his traps. This ability has a fairly long cooldown and is pretty much Caustic’s only fall back option when ambushed so we recommend holding on to it until you’re in a sticky situation that there’s no getting out of.

All said and done, Caustic is a character that can definitely wipe entire squads by himself when used properly and we certainly hope that this guide has set you on the right track to mastering him.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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