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Apex Legends Character Guide: Octane

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Octane is an exhilarating character to play in Apex Legends due to his fast-paced style and, in this article, we’ll be teaching you about him so you can play the daredevil to his fullest potential. MMO Anlage - Apex Legends Character Guide: Octane

Octane is the first character to be released in season 1 and has definitely been played a lot ever since his release because of the fast-paced and engaging playstyle that he brings to the table. Being a character that focuses primarily on mobility, Octane is naturally a lot of fun to play and leads to a lot of intense moments on the battlefield. Mastering how to use his abilities can take a bit of effort but doing so is certainly worth it because he can be used to great effect and can run circles around his enemies when used properly.

Octane’s tactical ability is a stim shot which is pretty straightforward as it gives him 30% bonus movement speed upon use and, while this might not seem like that big a number on paper, it’s actually highly impactful and can give you the edge over your opponents in a variety of scenarios. You can use this ability to outmaneuver opponents and get to a strong position from where you can take them out, you can use it in the early stages of the game to quickly get your hands on as much loot as possible or you can even use it to get into the circle when it’s closing and you’re outside of it. The ability is has a short cooldown of no more than a few seconds but it’s important to keep in mind that it costs 10% of your health to use so you shouldn’t spam it unnecessarily.

Octane’s passive, Swift Mend, allows him to regenerate a point of health for every two seconds he’s out of combat and this passive is actually an essential part of his kit because it allows him to use his stim ability without having to worry about being constantly low on health. This might not be the flashiest passive in the game but it’s an integral aspect of Octane’s kit that allows him to do what he does best.

Octane’s ultimate ability is a fairly straightforward launch pad that catapults him and his teammates through the air when they step on it. This particular ultimate definitely isn’t as impactful as those that some other characters have in the Apex roster but it’s still an extremely useful tool that can allow you to reposition during intense situation or it can even help you cover a bit of additional ground when you really need to get into the circle. The ability can often be used to get a surprise hit on opponents as well so, if you know the position of someone who has the high groudn, you can use this ability to get the drop on them as they likely won’t be suspecting someone to close the distance to them so quickly.

All said and done, Octane is a character who’s insanely fun to play and, when used properly, can obliterate opponents with his insane speed and we certainly hope that this article helps you get some wins with him.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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