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Being a Good Guild/Clan Member in MMORPGs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen If you frequently play an MMORPG and have managed to get into a prestigious guild you’ll need to show the rest of your guild mates that you were a worthwhile addition. In this article we’ll be giving out tips on how to be a good guild member and drive your clan towards success. MMO Anlage - Being a Good Guild/Clan Member in MMORPGs

The cardinal rule of any guild is to never spam the chat, no matter what the circumstance. Players who do this tend to come off as rather annoying and can disrupt any actual conversations that might be going on such as strategizing for the next war or something else of the sort. Some clans even have special rules against spamming the chat and have a policy in which all spammers get kicked out on the first or second offense. If you feel like you need to get your message across really quickly then type it in caps and send it two or three times, just don’t keep copy and pasting it until someone responds.

Try to participate in all clan events that are going on in the game. This is kind of the whole point of forming a guild in the first place. Many MMORPGs offer things like clan wars, territory wars and various other similar events in which guilds from all across the server can participate for a chance to get their hands on some seriously good stuff. If there’s any ongoing event of the sort then you should try your best to join it. That quest isn’t going anywhere, you can finish it later.

If your clan has a lot of low level players then try your best to help them out with anything. Often times, items that are considered junk by high level players are actually insanely good for the low level players. If you’ve just come back after hunting for items and are about to throw away anything that’s not according to your level then ask your low level clan mates if they need it before throwing it away. You’d be surprised how many of them lack the proper gear and the items you give them will certainly improve their character quite a bit.

Complete any guild specific quests if the game you’re playing offers them. While this isn’t the case with every single MMORPG released, there are still quite a few games that offer special clan quests that you can only complete once you manage to get into one. These are worth going through because not only do they help you but they also help your clan in various ways as well upon completion. They usually aren’t that difficult either, most of them are simple fetch quests or the usual ‘kill X amount of Y monster’ quests so they won’t take up a lot of your time.

All said and done, keep all the aforementioned advice in mind and you’re sure to have a nice time in any guild you join, your comrades will appreciate you as well.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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