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Being a Good Party Member in MMORPGs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Partying up in MMORPGs is pretty crucial because it allows players to level up much quicker and play in a team based environment. However, once you’re in a party there are certain etiquettes that you need to keep in mind and in this article we’ll be pointing all of them out so you can be one of the driving forces in your party. MMO Anlage - Being a Good Party Member in MMORPGs

First and foremost, don’t slack off. Players often join parties and end up just running around without doing any actual killing. These players just leech the experience without pulling their own weight which leads to a really low net exp gain for the entire party. What’s annoying about this is that you can’t really tell which player is doing the leeching since there’s a lot of chaos going around. Always try to pull your own weight whenever in a party and if possible try to put in some extra effort as well so you and also your comrades can level up quicker.

Don’t ask for potions, just don’t. Inventory space is a pretty big issue in a lot of MMORPGs so players can only carry a limited amount of potions for themselves. Whenever you’re about to join a big party, try to stock up on a lot of potions and other buffs so you don’t have to ask your fellow players for them. The biggest bonus that comes from having a good supply of potions is that you won’t have to go to an NPC during the whole monster slaying session in order to restock. If you ask for potions or leave the party mid-fight in order to go buy potions then you’re doing it wrong and you might even tick a few players off in the process.

Fulfill your role properly! This point cannot be stressed enough. Often times you’ll see players who have a healing class character trying to deal damage instead of actually healing their fellow players. This can lead to a whole lot of confusion and even some unnecessary deaths for the party members. These deaths lead to a loss of exp instead of a gain. If you’re playing an assassin, try to deal damage instead of tanking up multiple mobs and if you’re playing a healer, always prioritize healing and buffing up your comrades instead of trying to take on all the foes on your own.

Last but certainly not least, stay positive. Sure there are going to be instances in which you end up making a mistake and then dying but what’s important is that you keep a good attitude throughout all of this. If you die and then end up making a big fuss about it by blaming your party members then you’re probably going to make a few enemies and may even get kicked off the party. Always maintain a good attitude and if there are other players who are acting out because they died or something then you should try to cheer them up as well so that the party can keep running like a well oiled machine.

That’s pretty much it. We guarantee that as long as you keep all the aforementioned advice in mind when joining a party, your experience will be a great one.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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