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Best Champions to Play for New League of Legends Players

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Mastering the basics of League of Legends can be a rather daunting task because, like most MOBAs, it’s a fairly complex game. However, you need not worry because in this article we’ll be telling you what champions you can play as a new player in order to learn the ropes of the game. MMO Anlage - Best Champions to Play for New League of Legends Players

1: Annie

Annie is definitely the best champion to start off with if you want to learn mages who can deal an absurd amount of burst damage. The thing that makes Annie so easy is the fact that most of her abilities are immediate which means they have no cast time and deal their damage instantly. Most of Annie’s crucial abilities are area of effect so they’re easy to land and the one ability that isn’t area of effect is a simple point and click spell that you can master without any difficulty. Annie also has access to a stun that’s available quite often so you’ll easily be able to peel off any enemies that get close to taking you out.

2: Garen

If you want to learn fighter champions who can get up close and personal with their opponents, go with Garen. Garen’s abilities are simple, straightforward and very easy to combo together so you’ll be taking out opponents in no time. His most iconic ability, Judgment, allows him to deal an insane amount of damage in his immediate radius and, on top of this, Garen also has access to a single target point and click ultimate that’ll do a ton of damage to enemies who are at low health.

3: Warwick

The Jungler role is definitely one of the harder ones to learn in League of Legends due to all the mind-games and strategy involved and the fact clearing the jungle monsters can be insanely difficult early on because of their high damage also makes this role significantly more challenging. However, thanks to Warwick’s high sustain, you’ll be able to clear the jungle with relative ease and, after a few games with him, you’ll have fully gotten the hang of jungling’s basics. Warwick also has a point and click ultimate that allows him to leap on a target from a long range and suppress it so he’s great at ganking lanes as well.

4: Ashe

For players who want to learn the marksman role, Ashe is a great starting champion. The thing that makes Ashe so easy to play is the fact that her attack range is quite high and she applies a slow with all her basic attacks so it’s extremely hard for enemies to get close to her. Ashe also has access to a global skill-shot stun that can be used to make cross-map players. On top of all this, Ashe also has some of the highest sustained damage of any Marksman in the game so you’ll be able to mow down enemies as long as you position properly.

All things considered, if you’re a new player starting off in League of Legends, we highly recommend playing the aforementioned champions because they’ll help you get the hang of the game’s mechanics.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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