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Duelyst: Lyonar Beginner Guide

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Deck-building in Duelyst can be challenging at first, but with our guide, you'll be up and running in no time! MMO Anlage - Duelyst: Lyonar Beginner Guide

Deck-building in Duelyst can be challenging at first but will get easier as you play more games. A deck would require you to pick a general from a certain faction which would allow you to bring cards from a certain faction and as well neutral cards. This would basically mean that you would need to pick a certain faction and the Lyonar Kingdoms faction seems to be the best beginner friendly choice.

Lyonar decks would not require you to make complicated combos as other decks and their win condition is fairly simple. The thing that makes Lyonar a simple yet effective faction is the fact that they have decent DPS and as well as high HP for their troops. And what sets Lyonar Kingdoms apart from other factions is that fact that you would usually place your troops close to your general to dish out damage and assert your dominance.

Argeon Highmane is the first general that you can unlock from this faction. He has the Bloodborn spell Roar which an additional 2 points of attack damage to a nearby friendly minion of your choice which would also be a permanent buff. This would mean that you would generally spawn minions close to your general to buff them up while you hold them down using the provoke mechanic to dish out massive damage over time to secure victory.

In building your deck, you would need to use small and mid-range minions to make your deck more mana efficient and cost effective. These smaller minions would usually have buffs and other additional effects which would help to secure a victory.

You can use the 3 mana minion tiger in order to rush your opponents and together with the Roar bloodborn spell, you can damage your opponent’s general for a decent 5 points of damage. And you can also utilize the 3 mana silverguard knight for zone control and with the Zeal ability when it is close to your general makes him deal a decent amount of damage.

The Lyonar faction has a number of high hp low damage troops which you can use to your advantage. The Divine Bond spell adds your minion’s hp to its attack which would make your juggernauts a force to be reckoned with when placed at a good position.

You can even take a look at the Primus Fist minion which has the Celerity ability which allows you to make it make 2 moves in a turn. This unit has great synergy with attack buffs but you would need to be careful with buffs. Giving your units attack buffs may be risky if you are not able to attack during that turn as your opponents can simply target that minion or use a dispel to remove the buffs which would put you a big mana disadvantage.

There are only a few things to learn about the Lyonar Kingdoms faction but it surely is a force to be reckoned with. There are still amazing combos that you can do with this deck but combos would not be your main win condition with this faction which makes this faction beginner friendly. If you are looking for a balanced faction, you can give Lyonar Kingdoms a try.

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