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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do in MMORPGs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen In this article, we’ll be talking about certain things that you shouldn’t do in MMORPGs if you want to become a well renowned player in them. MMO Anlage - 4 Things You Shouldn’t Do in MMORPGs

There are certain unspoken rules that players of every single MMORPG need to follow if they want to make a good reputation for themselves and progress through them. In this article we’ll be talking about certain things that you shouldn’t do in MMORPGs if you want to become a well renowned player in them.

1: Turn down parties when you’re low level

Most new players in MMORPGs tend to think that they’re better off playing by themselves and other players will simply drag them down if they decide to play together but this actually couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you go out solo when you’re low level then there’s a pretty solid chance that you’ll get absolutely wrecked by waves upon waves of monsters that you simply cannot deal with on your own because you don’t have good equipment for your character and are overall quite weak. Whenever you get the chance to party up with a bunch of players you should always take that opportunity.

2: Ask other players for free stuff

One rather annoying thing that a lot of rookie players do is that they keep pestering high level players to give them free stuff like currency and gear. This is something that puts a lot of players off and if you keep doing this over and over again then you’ll end up making a reputation for yourself and will become the kind of player that can’t get into any guild or parties. This is especially true for smaller MMORPGs that don’t have a large playerbase because people have an easier time remembering you.

3: Participate in player vs player combat at low levels

Perhaps the biggest mistake that players make in MMORPGs is that they get into PvP at a very early stage even though their character isn’t ready to handle it. When players get into PvP at low levels their characters usually end up getting annihilated and this not only demoralizes the player but in certain games it can even lead to a loss of equipment or currency.

4: Go to high level areas when you aren’t ready for them

One of the most common mistakes that tons of newbie MMORPG players make is that they end up going into high level places even though their characters aren’t equipped and leveled up for them yet. They believe that by going into these places they’ll be able to get their hands on some rare loot by taking down monsters through their superior skills. However, the obvious flaw here is that no matter how skilled you are, you’re always going to get taken out if your character isn’t equipped properly for battle and due to this the players end up dying multitudes of times and this large amount of death often means a loss of experience, item durability and various other things depending on the game that you’re playing.

All said and done, we recommend keeping the aforementioned things in mind when playing MMORPGs. As long as you avoid doing the things mentioned above, you’ll be able to progress smoothly and steadily through these games.

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