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Games like Metro Conflict

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Metro Conflict is a superb MMOFPS that’s set in a pseudo-futuristic world and gives its players an incredible experience full of thrill and intensity. In this article we’ll be talking about some games that resemble Metro Conflict in various ways and also discussing some things about them that make them so great.
MMO Anlage - Games like Metro Conflict

First off it’d be wise to mention a few things that make Metro Conflict such as top tier game. The fast-paced, skill reliant gameplay is without a doubt one of the biggest factors behind its success and is also why it has such a massive player-base since players more often than not prefer to play games where they can succeed based off skill rather than equipment.

Alongside it’s gameplay, Metro Conflict also has some really solid visuals. The in-game maps have an incredible amount of detail, weapon designs look near flawless and there are tons of special effects and animations that do an excellent job of giving the game an extra bit of visual flare.

PlanetSide 2

Like Metro Conflict, PlanetSide 2 consists of a futuristic setting but of course there’s a lot more to it than just this. The shooting mechanics are top notch and perhaps the most commendable aspect of its gameplay is how well the balance is maintained between all the weapons. All these things are rounded off with some excellent visuals that are sure to impress.


What’s unique about Hawken is the fact that instead of playing as a standard soldier you’ll instead have control of a giant mechanized war machine built to wreak havoc on your opponents. There are different kinds of mechs and each one can be customized according to the preference of the player. The online play is fluid as well so overallthe game is really high quality.

Assault Fire

Assault Fire is an incredible game that has great dynamic gameplay and overall feels quite refreshing. You have the ability to play as a regular foot soldier or take control of a massive mech that’s loaded with a massive arsenal of weaponry and equipment making it capable of taking on massive waves on enemies.

MicroVolts Surge

MicroVolts Surge is slightly unique when compared to other games on this list because it has a slightly cartoon-y art style which might put some people off but its ultimately a good thing since it provides the game with a refreshing look. This distinct theme coupled with some great, fast paced gameplay makes MicroVolts worth anyone’s while.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms can definitely be considered one of the most well rounded MMOFPS games out there. It has basically everything such as a massive variety of maps, high quality shooting mechanics, a massive amount of weapons to choose from, the ability to customize your character and pretty much everything else that a solid FPS consists of.

All things considered, each game mentioned above resembles Metro Conflict in one way or another but needless to say, they’re all quite fun so we definitely recommend trying them out.

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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