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Good Habits to Develop in MOBA Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen To become a top tier player in a MOBA game, you’ll need to developer certain habits and in this article we’ll be talking about them in detail so you can learn and improve your skills. MMO Anlage - Good Habits to Develop in MOBA Games

Making a habit of looking at the mini-map after few seconds will skyrocket your performance in MOBA games. A lot of players tend to overlook the importance of the mini-map which is why they’re constantly caught off guard by the enemy and end up throwing advantages. However, if you have a habit of looking at the map after every few seconds, you’ll always be aware of what’s happening around the map and will be prepared for anything that the enemy might throw at you. For example, constantly looking at your mini-map will alert you if multiple members of the enemy team are about to gang up on you and you can use this information to get yourself to safety as soon as possible.

Properly killing minions is also something that you need to become adept at if you want to give solid performances in MOBA games. In a lot of MOBA matches, especially low level ones, players put pretty much zero focus on killing minions because they think that the minor amounts of gold that they offer won’t be all that useful. However, one thing that players don’t realize is the fact that this gold keeps adding up and can give significantly more gold than kills would. Mastering last hitting minions in order to secure the gold that they offer is something that’ll increase your skill level by a tremendous amount.

A lot of MOBA games have the default camera locked onto the character and, while this can make things a tad bit easier for newcomers, it can hinder your play in the long run since you’ll be slightly less aware of what’s going on you. Forming a habit of playing with the camera unlocked might be slightly difficult at first but it’ll be worth than worth it because you’ll be a lot more of what’s going on around you.

Speaking of awareness, perhaps the most useful habit that you can develop in MOBA games is the habit of looking around at your teammates whenever you’re doing something that doesn’t actively require your input such as walking to a location or going back to base. Whenever you’re idle, even for a second, look at how your teammates are doing because this will give you a lot of useful information that you can use to plan ahead. For example, if you’re actively looking at your teammates then you might spot an ally having trouble in lane while you’re walking back to your own lane. Thanks to this information, you’ll be able to divert your path toward your ally’s lane in order to provide assistance.

All said and done, we can say with certainty that your skill at MOBAs will increase by a tremendous amount if you develop the aforementioned habits when playing these games.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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