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Grim Soul vs Last Day on Earth: Survival

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Both Grim Soul and Last Day on Earth: Survival are exceptional mobile based survival RPGs and, in this article, we’ll be doing a detailed comparison of both games so you can figure out which one is more in-line with your preferences. MMO Anlage - Grim Soul vs Last Day on Earth: Survival

First and foremost, we’d like to start off by saying that the core concept of these games is quite identical. They both take place in a treacherous game world in which there’s danger around every single corner and the objective in both these games is to survive in the perilous world through any means possible. However, while the concept of the games is similar, they actually vary quite a bit in terms of execution.

One of the key things that set these games apart is how much freedom they give players. Last Day on Earth: Survival is a game that encourages open world gameplay of sorts and, due to this, it allows players to play at their own pace without being forced into a certain style. This is definitely great news for players who like playing games that allow them to do pretty much anything they want to.

On the other hand, Grim Soul features a more linear style in which players are expected to follow a series of quests. Although fans of open world experiences might prefer Last Day on Earth: Survival, players who want to make sure that they always have a sense of direction will certainly lean towards Grim Soul because of the aforementioned questing system.

Another difference between the games is the fact that Last Day on Earth: Survival places a lot of emphasis on the PvP aspect. The game allows players to attack others in an attempt to acquire their resources so it’s a great choice for the audience that wants a more intense experience in which the game never gives them a single moment to catch their breath. On the other hand, Grim Soul doesn’t really encourage PvP oriented gameplay all that much so it’s a better option for players who don’t want to be in constant fear of getting invaded.

The art style of both these games vary tremendously as well. Grim Soul takes a more medieval and fantasy themed approach to the game’s visuals but, on the other hand, Last Day on Earth: Survival tries to implement a more realistic art style. Both styles have their merits and, while both games look exceptional, some players are definitely going to opt for a certain art style.

Finally, the crafting and building systems of these games vary quite a bit as well. Last Day on Earth: Survival puts a lot of focus on crafting various kinds of items that’ll help players as they try to survive and Grim Soul is a game that, instead, prioritizes more on building a castle so players can keep all the foes out. Due to this, you’ll find Last Day on Earth: Survival more appealing if you constantly want to make sure that you have the best equipment at your disposal and Grim Soul will be better for players who are into building and want to build an impenetrable fortress that no entity can get into.

All said and done, both Grim Soul and Last Day on Earth: Survival are exceptional games with the same concept but varying executions and we certainly hope that this article helps you decide which game suits your preferences more.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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