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How to Compose the Most Optimal Army in Strategy Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen The composition of an army is often by itself a big enough factor to decide how a battle is going to conclude and, in this article, we’ll be giving you tips to ensure that you make the best forces possible whenever you play these. MMO Anlage - How to Compose the Most Optimal Army in Strategy Games

Before even considering anything else, the very first thing that you’ll need to focus on is ensuring that you have a good variety of units in your army. The biggest mistake that you can possibly make is spamming the same kind of unit at your opponent in hopes that you’ll somehow be able to penetrate their defenses. Making a massive army consisting of only one or two unit types is a huge mistake because it allows your opponent to easily counter your force and this is something that you obviously don’t want happening.

If possible, you should always try to scout ahead before you actually begin to train your forces. A lot of strategy games allow players to do some recon on enemy bases before they strike and you can use this ability to plan accordingly. When you analyze your opponent’s base properly, you’ll be able to tell what kind of attack they’re weak against and thanks to this information you’ll be able to compose an army that’s much better suited to the situation.

One mistake that a lot of players make is that they focus a bit too much on artillery and, due to this, they often end up failing quite a lot of raids. Artillery is definitely a useful tool for dwindling an enemy’s fortifications from afar but this is pretty much all it can be used for. In order to actually succeed at a raid, you’ll need to get into your enemy’s base and attack their most sensitive structures and this is something that you simply cannot do if your forces consist solely of artillery units. The simple solution to this is, of course, to make sure that you always have a couple of infantry units in your army so you can sweep the enemy’s base when it’s time.

Purchasing upgrades whenever they’re available is also a sure fire way to enhance your army’s effectiveness. When playing strategy games, a lot of players tend to keep investing on their economy over and over again and, by doing so, they disregard their forces entirely. It’s often a wise choice to upgrade both economy and forces equally as the time goes on but, if you’re a player who prioritizes on raiding more than anything else, it’d definitely be a good decision to prioritize upgrading your forces before other things. By upgrading your army as soon as possible, you basically ensure that you’ll be getting the most out of every single raid and, more often than not, this is much better than having upgraded economical structures.

All said and done, as long as you keep the aforementioned tips in mind, we’re certain that you’ll be able to get quite far in strategy games and most of your raids will be quite successful.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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