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How to Improve at RTS Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen RTS games have without a doubt some of the steepest learning curves out of all the genres out there so it can be quite difficult to master them. In this article we’ll be giving out some great tips that you can use to up your game in an RTS. MMO Anlage - How to Improve at RTS Games

Of course it goes without saying that these tips alone won’t be enough to make you a professional at the RTS genre simply because of how many things you need to learn in it. However, they’ll definitely increase your skill tremendously as long as you keep them in mind while playing any strategy game.

1: Micromanage Your Forces Properly

The biggest mistake that players make in almost any strategy game is that they simply deploy the entirety of their forces at a specific point on the playing area and don’t do anything else in hopes that their forces will automatically win the battle. While this usually works against AI or an unskilled opponent, it will pretty much never work when you’re against someone competent. During times of battle you should always micromanage your forces properly so that they can perform optimally. For example, you should group up your army in a way that the high health units are up front while the low health units are in the back instead of simply dropping them all in the same area.

2: Maintain a Good Economy

Most MMORTS game can be divided into two major gameplay aspects; base building and fighting. Most players tend to focus solely on the fighting side of things and don’t pay much attention to building up their actual base due to which they usually end up with a very weak economy. It’s crucial to maintain your base and keep upgrading it so that you may keep receiving income that you can then translate into stronger forces and higher quality equipment for your soldiers.

3: Use Multiple Types of Units

Many players have this misconception that they can simply spam one or two specific units in abundant quantities and somehow brute force their way to a victory but this strategy ends up failing most of the time. Whenever you’re building up an army you should always use multiple different kinds of units so that your opponents have a harder time trying to counteract your forces. If you use the same unit over and over again then your opponent will figure out how to counter that specific unit and then trample all your forces.

4: Know When to Fold

No matter how good you become at RTS games, you must come to terms with the reality that there are certain battles that you simply won’t be able to win no matter how good your army is or how flawless your micromanagement is. In battles like this you should know to withdraw your forces in order to minimize losses instead of forcing them all to fight to the death in a battle that’ll surely be lost.

All said and done, we can say with certainty that if you keep the aforementioned tips in mind while playing RTS games, you’ll play at a much higher level than you usually do.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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