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How You Can Boost Your MMR in Dota 2 and Why You Should Do It?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Your MMR is the only thing that separates you from playing in matches that are just downright bad and matches that are actually fun to play. So, how can you boost your MMR to get into that so-called MMR heaven? MMO Anlage - How You Can Boost Your MMR in Dota 2 and Why You Should Do It?

Dota 2 is one of the world’s most popular MOBA around and being a competitive game, it’s only natural for players to want to reach a better matchmaking rating or MMR just so they can play ball with the pros in the VHS bracket, possibly learn a thing or two from them, and actually have a fun match.

Not to mention, playing DotA 2 is challenging enough without having to get all stressed out by being forced to play with crappy teammates, who either play selfishly by playing a role that the team doesn’t need or just throw matches, all because you’re stuck in some lower MMR bracket glut. We’re sure you’ve played matches where all your teammates are playing carry or are forever farming mid, or even hog the courier so much that you can’t get the items you desperately need while in the field. The toxicity is definitely much worse “down under” as well.

In other words, did you know that getting a higher MMR is also great for your overall sanity and blood pressure while playing Dota 2? That's mainly the reason why many players buy a Dota 2 boost nowadays. After all, players in higher MMR brackets are more cautious of the games they play and unlike the “nothing to lose” players in lower brackets, they actually have a lot to lose if they lost a match. They would actually be highly motivated to play to win and you won’t see them throw matches willy-nilly.

MMR is the only thing that separates you from playing in matches that are just filled with trolls, toxic and downright bad players, and matches that are actually fun to play where every team member knows their role and work together to take down the other team. So, how can you boost your MMR to get into that so-called MMR heaven?

Well, if you’re playing an uncalibrated account or an account that has not played a ranked match yet, you can actually improve your MMR very fast provided that you play excellently in every match you’re in (as in having high KDA by dying less, more damage dealt than taken, and many other factors) regardless of whether your team managed to win that match or not.

This also means that it’s crucial you only play heroes that you’re actually great at and not take your calibration matches as the time to try out new heroes. If and only if you’re doing everything right, then it’s very possible for you to land yourself a spot in the coveted VHS bracket with a starting MMR of 4k and above.

Let BoostMMR help you boost your Dota 2 MMR

For players who have calibrated before and already have an MMR, albeit a very low one, it might be an uphill battle for you since your MMR is now primarily based on your wins and losses, and not so much on your relative hero performance. If you’re familiar enough with Dota 2, you’ll know that it’s pretty impossible to get into matches where you can get wins after wins just so you can keep climbing the MMR ladder.

And even if you manage to, by some fluke, end up on the “Sure to win” team because all your teammates have much higher MMR than you, well, know that Dota 2 also uses the Bayesian system, which means that if the odds are skewed in favor of a team and that team eventually won the match as predicted by the algorithm, then being a member of the “winning” team, you’ll gain a far less MMR increase than you’d expect.

However, we should point out that Valve has been very mum about their MMR system and that all of this info might have been already patched out or modified, making it even harder for you to know for sure that what you’re doing to hopefully increase your MMR is actually working.

Don’t get us wrong though! It’s still very possible that you can try bolstering your MMR yourself by playing and winning your matches the best you can, but it usually takes quite a while and frankly-speaking, it’s not as easy as you’d think! Plus, not many people are willing or able to put in the hours needed to gruelingly grind their way to a not-so-guaranteed higher MMR because… hey, sometimes the game throws you a curveball and you might just get a string of losses, who knows?

That is why it’s sometimes best to leave all of this stuff to the pros over at BoostMMR!

They can help you get a much higher MMR based on your role preference either by having a Dota 2 expert play ranked matches using your account in complete anonymity (your online status would be changed to invisible so your friends wouldn’t know) and safety (your items and accounts will still be secured via your Steam Guard/ mobile authenticator), or you could group up with their experts and play as a party instead.

Their fees are very affordable too, though at the end of the day, being able to avoid all of the horrors that lower MMR brackets have to offer is priceless. Best yet, you can also watch your booster in action via streaming, specify which hero you want to boost or bump up your order queue by paying a little extra.

So, if you’re interested to purchase an MMR boost from Dota 2 experts who are both reliable and offer reasonably-priced services, then be sure to drop by BoostMMR and take a look at what they can do to help you!

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