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Hustle Castle vs Fallout Shelter

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Both Hustle Castle and Fallout Shelter are exceptional simulation games that can have you hooked for countless hours and, in this article, we’ll be helping you figure out which of these games is for you. MMO Anlage - Hustle Castle vs Fallout Shelter

Although the core idea behind both these games is quite similar, there are various differences that set the two apart and these are the differences that we’ll be getting into in this article. Neither game is necessarily better than the other but they both excel at different things so you can see for yourself which game fits your preferences the most.

The primary difference between both these games is, of course, the fact that Fallout Shelter takes place in the universe of the iconic Fallout franchise whereas Hustle Castle takes place in its own cartoon-ish universe. Fans of the fallout series should definitely give Fallout Shelter a shot as it captures the essence of the franchise quite accurately but, on the other hand, if the world of Fallout isn’t necessarily something that you like all that much then Hustle Castle is the game for you.

Hustle Castle’s defining aspect is the fact that it has a medieval setting and this is why you’ll get to build a castle, train your people to fight, slay fearsome beasts and do a variety of other exciting things that you’d expect to see in a medieval themed game. On the other hand, though, Fallout Shelter is based on a post-apocalyptic setting so, if the medieval times aren’t for you and you’re looking for something that’s a tad bit grimmer, Fallout Shelter will not cease to impress.

One thing that we like quite a lot about Hustle Castle is the fact that it features an actual story driven campaign that’s perfect for players who want a game that’ll always give them a sense of direction and tell them what to do. While Fallout Shelter doesn’t really have such a well thought out story backing it up, it has merits of its own such as the incredible customization system through which players can customize the appearance of pretty much every single one of the people living in their shelter. Fallout Shelter also comes with an exceptional crafting system that allows players to make helpful items for their dwellers and these can aid them quite a bit when they head out into the world in search of resources.

In terms of visuals, both Fallout Shelter and Hustle Castle are phenomenal looking games and, all things considered, a treat to look at. However, as mentioned earlier, Hustle Castle is a better option for players who want medieval themed visuals with a cartoon-ish twist and, on the other hand, Fallout Shelter is a great choice for players who want their visuals to have that grim post-apocalyptic vibe.

All said and done, both the aforementioned games are nothing short of exceptional and can keep players hooked for quite some time and we certainly hope that this article has helped you figure out which one will suit your preferences more.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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