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Managing Money The Right Way in MMOs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Money is always an issue, both in real life and in your gaming life. So, without further adieu, here are some ways through which you can effectively manage your in-game cash in MMORPGs. MMO Anlage - Managing Money The Right Way in MMOs

Money is always an issue, both in real life and in your gaming life. There’s always in-game cash involved, in other words. Just like in real life, you’ll have to learn how to manage your in-game cash reserves when playing MMORPGs. The consequences may not be that severe – you’ll just have to spend more hours looting and raiding to regain your reserves – in MMORPGs, but having good financial management skills is still a must.

Alright, without further adieu, here are some ways through which you can effectively manage your in-game cash in MMORPGs like Skyforge and League of Angels. Aside from the usual advice of not biting more than you can chew, there are three things to remember when trying to manage in-game cash in MMORPGs.

First, you should play as many quests as you can manage. Quests are a must when you start playing a particular MMORPG but, as you progress in levels, they become more of side missions rather than an important part of any game’s main storyline. While they do become optional in time, it is still advantageous for your part to take on as many quests as possible – quests return sizable amounts of in-game and experience points as rewards when you accomplish their goals.

Spend some time in looting dungeons. Dungeons are home to some powerful monsters and can also hold treasure that you won’t find outside in the MMORPG’s open world. You could, if you’re lucky, find rare items when you raid a dungeon by yourself or together with members of your guild. You could also find significant amounts of in-game cash in dungeons as well! That’s on top of the cash and experience points that you can get out of defeating the monsters in the dungeon.

Speaking of looting, you should also invest in powerful weapons even though they can be quite expensive. If you got enough cash in your game reserves, pick out the most powerful swords that you can afford. This could appear contrary to your financial instincts, but having the most powerful weapons will enable you to take on more powerful enemies. Remember, in MMORPGs, the more powerful the monster is, the better the loot that you can get out of it. Thus, you could gain back the money you spent to buy that weapon faster than you can when you’re using less powerful gear.

You could also level up faster, and gain those in-game cash rewards that come with going up in levels in the game.

Last but not the least, you must sell junk as soon as you can get them to a shop. Junk comes in forms of weapons that you already have. Duplicates have no other purpose in MMORPGs but to be discarded or, better yet, sold off to a shop for extra in-game cash. They may not sell at a good price but they can give you extra money that you can accumulate to buy more powerful equipment at a later point in your gaming.

Keep as many junk as your inventory can manage when raiding a dungeon, unless, of course, you find a good piece of equipment. At that point, you’ll have to discard some junk to make way for that weapon, armor or accessory.

Managing in-game cash in MMORPGs is easy once you know what to do. Hope these three tips have helped!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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