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MMO Games on WWGDB

Diesen Artickel einschätzen A new website has recently launched and its full of game reviews, articles and much more, check out the Worldwide Games Database and see for yourself, or read on to find out more! MMO Anlage - MMO Games on WWGDB

Do you like playing games with your friends? Despite your or your friends’ incessant ranting and possibly even the occasional insults, we are pretty sure you enjoyed every moment of it! Well, this is exactly why they included the best MMOs in a brand new website, Worldwide Games Database or WWGDB!

The birth of WWGDB came from a vision of creating a central database for every possible, and fun, game that exists! It will become the next “IMDB”… for games! The reviews on WWGDB will be extremely comprehensive and will cover all the important sections in a game that you can think of, including the games’ plotline, gameplay, community as well as graphics and sound. There’s even a summary of the game and the review thrown in for good measure! The reviews on WWGDB will surely be more than sufficient to help you decide whether to invest your valuable time into an MMO or to seek some other games instead! In addition, they have a lot more pictures and screenshots that you can view on the game at WWGDB – after all, pictures do speak a thousand words! There are also surveys that you can enjoy doing!

Love reading about the gaming community, hotly-debated issues in gaming or everything related to gaming in general? Why, you’ve come to the right place! They have all you’ll ever need… and more! In the website they aim to provide in-depth and serious articles on issues in gaming, such as The eSports Phenomenon, whereby we examined what made eSports all the rage nowadays and what it has done to shape and change the gaming industry and community to what it is today! For something closer to heart, you can also see how guilds improve gameplay in MMORPGs in this insightful article, Guilds in MMO Games. For some light-hearted stuff, you will surely enjoy our hilarious take on the different and very interesting Ways Players React to Lag or if you’re a “newb” to MMOs, you should definitely check out the A Very General Guide to Gaming Terms in order to save yourself from the potentially many “what the hell are they talking about” moments while playing the game.

WWGDB also aims to be a reader-driven game reviews site (the other half are reviews done by our creative content writers). Therefore, we offer plenty of ways on our site for you to express your thoughts on a game! The easiest way is by leaving a rating (from 1 to 10 stars) on any of the reviews and even articles via the rating system. If you have more to say than just ‘stars’, feel free to write down your own review or thoughts on the player review section by clicking on that ‘post a review’ button!

Sounds like a whole lot of fun? Great! Perhaps you would like to drop by WWGDB and check out the reviews of some of the hottest MMOs around, such as World of Warcraft, Sparta: War of Empires, Bleach Online, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Phantoms, World of Tanks and SMITE! You could also take a look at our Top 10 MMO Games to find out about the best MMO games that are reviewed so far or the entire List of MMO Games that we have on WWGDB. There are even reviews for kid-friendly MMOs that you can enjoy along with your own children or even your little nephews and nieces, such as Wizard 101 and Pirate 101.

Being a database of games means that WWGDB will not contain reviews or articles on only MMOs, there are plenty more game types that are covered on the site as well, including racing games, simulation games, virtual worlds and many more! It’s up to you to head on over to WWGDB and to discover them all! After all, you never know what fun game is going to appear next!

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