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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Your Legend Begins Now!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Welcome to the Land of Dawn and be one of the greatest players the game has ever had. MMO Anlage - Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Your Legend Begins Now!


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a 5v5 MOBA mobile game popularly known for its fast-paced gameplay, top-notch map, monsters, and hero designs, in addition to the different kinds of game modes that you can choose from. Dive into the action as battles are finished quickly with an average of 12-15 minutes for a short game and 20-30 minutes for a long game.


Select from over 100 heroes and play with other gamers worldwide in a real-time epic battle. Pick among the six types of classes - Tank, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Assassin, or Support- then play the role as a Core, Tank, Carry, Offlane or Mid Support. With the variety of classes and roles that you can pick out from in Mobile Legends, the team compositions that you can create are countless.

Engage in different matches like Classic, Ranked, Brawl, versus AI, Custom, and Arcade. Classic is a 5v5 game where you get access to all heroes available in your pool. You can take your pick from the free heroes and the ones that you bought. The Ranked game is also a 5v5 match but with hero banning, and a hero can only be picked once by a team and the opponent cannot choose it anymore. Brawl is a 5v5 game but is set with 1 lane only. The versus AI is for practice, while the Custom is for those who want to set a match that they can select who are participating in both teams. The Arcade match is filled with mini-games such as Magic Chess, Mirror Mode, Mayhem Mode, and more.

Show off your skills in the Ranked Games and fight your way from a Warrior to Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and finally to Mythic and the coveted hidden rank Mythical Glory. Every time you win, you gain a star and some star-raising points. A full gauge of star raising points will give you an additional star. Also, with each loss, you lose a star but you gain protection points. A full bar of protection points will stop you from losing a star after a lost match. These additional features of Mobile Legends are a huge help to all players that are in Ranked Games.

Make yourself known in the Mobile Legend community and be a leading player in your area’s Leaderboards. Get Leaderboards points when you play Ranked Games. The same mechanic applies that each win gets you points while each defeat means losing points. Get yourself a badge to show your street rank of your favorite hero. From a Beginner to Junior, to Senior, and finally, Supreme, work hard and get that World’s Best Top 1 hero user badge.


Mobile Legends uses gamepad controls optimized for mobile gaming. The left finger for movement and the right finger for the attacks and skills. The control set-up is user-friendly and there is a tutorial program with rewards for new players when you activate a new account.


Connect with family and friends or make new acquaintances with the game’s Follow system. This allows you to be connected to a user as a friend if they follow you back. Having someone in your friend’s list enables you to invite them to a match, chat one on one, or even request or send a gift. You can also view a friend’s game if they are livestreaming or you can pre-invite them even when they are still playing in one. You can see the list of players that you have befriended, those you are currently following, and those who are following you. If you connected your Facebook account to the game, then your friends there will be automatically added to your friends list with an additional Facebook tag.


All in all, Mobile Legends is the go-to 5v5 MOBA online mobile game for everyone. Whether you like to play with friends or to play solo, be sure to check it out right now!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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