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Most Innovative Character Designs in MOBAs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Alongside being the most rapidly growing video game genres out there, the MOBA genre is without a doubt one of the most innovative as well. Over the years we’ve seen some extremely character designs and in this article we’ll be talking about all the designs that we feel stand out head and shoulders above the rest. MMO Anlage - Most Innovative Character Designs in MOBAs

Azir from League of Legends

Azir is easily one of the most creative champions out there. It’s been rumored that he was in development for over three years before being finalized and released to the public. In these three years, the developer Riot games has done an excellent job fine tuning this character and making him and absolute delight to play. Azir’s skillset revolves around summoning sand soldiers to fight for him and controlling these soldiers in various ways to outplay his opponents. He also has a very unique ability that allows him to create his very own turret on the remains of a previously destroyed turret.

Invoker from DotA 2

Invoker is an absolutely superb DotA 2 hero with one of the most unique skill-sets out there. Instead of having a single set of abilities, he instead has access to multitudes of different kinds of spells that he can use to absolutely wreck the opposition. The catch is of course that he’s pretty hard to master since getting access to each spell requires you to have a specific combination of orbs. You’ll need to remember all the orb combinations in order to play Invoker at his full potential which might be a difficult task but it’s one of the most satisfying experiences ever.

The Lost Vikings from Heroes of the Storm

If playing a single character is getting dull for you then The Lost Vikings from Heroes of the Storm are sure to provide a refreshing twist that’ll deliver a really fun experience. Basically you’ll be able to utilize three different characters at the same time and if used properly, they’re a force to be reckoned with. You can scatter all three of them across the map and try to accomplish a different objective with each. Mastering The Lost Vikings can be really hard to do since they’re unlike any other character design out there but it’s well worth the effort because it’s really fun to play with these guys due to their unique gameplay dynamic.

Chang’e from SMITE

Chang’e is a Chinese goddess in Smite with one of the most versatile and fun to use skills out there. All her spells have a really low cooldown which means that you’ll need some really quick fingers this goddess to her fullest potential. Her ultimate can potentially stun an entire team for a pretty significant amount of time while also dealing some serious damage but the catch is of course that it’s hard to aim. She can also purchase items regardless of her position on the map thanks to her Jade Rabbit companion.

All said and done, the aforementioned characters are those that we feel are some of the most creative and innovative characters that have surfaced in this genre up until now.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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