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My Favorite 5 MMO Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen While I have written a lot of reviews for games over the years, there are some that I have really enjoyed, and here are 5 of my top games. MMO Anlage - My Favorite 5 MMO Games

I have been writing reviews for games for a while and my passion for MMOs dates back to their early days when games such as Lineage or Everquest were considered the new stuff. I have witnessed the increase of interest in MMOs in the last few years, and the change of different payment models as well. However, with the increase in popularity, it can be a little hard to keep up with all the games. There are some though that are and will remain amazing for me.

Tera Rising
Tera Rising is by far one of the prettiest looking games that you can find. I for instance wasn’t able to find an MMO that looks better than this game. But graphics aren’t the only strengths in this game, because you have massive worlds to explore and a real time combat that stands out from any other similar games. In short, the combat in many MMO titles nowadays tends to seem turn based, but Tera successfully manages to ooze new life into it and it brings an exciting experience. No two battles against the same enemy type are the same, which means that you will constantly have to adapt. This is the main reason why I choose to play Tera Rising instead of other MMORPGs.

The massive game world which is beautifully crafted, the ability to use a Pegasus and check out the world from afar or the multiple crafting options are yet another set of features that engage me into playing more and more Tera Rising.


Originating from the singleplayer games that became a cult hit, Neverwinter is a great, action packed MMO that has given me lots of satisfaction while I played it. Your character can gain up to 60 levels and after that you can engage it in fierce battles against large bosses or play some of the end-game content that has been added recently. What I enjoy in this game is the large amount of freedom that it offers, the Dungeons and Dragons lore that is followed to the letter, but also the fact that you can explore different game worlds, which range from volcanic islands to mountain peaks. The ability the build your own dungeon and the racial diversity is yet another reason why I like Neverwinter.

Overall, you can immediately see that the game brings a very high production value, with every area in it being detailed with lots of interesting design elements. I also love the great character models and neat animations, as well as the plethora of quests that the game provides. I have a couple hundred of hours in it, and I won’t stop soon because the developers also add content very often so there’s a lot to do at all times.


The reason I included Dota 2 in this list is that just like you, I am a competitive person and I always want to be better in the games I play. Dota 2 enables me to face countless people from all over the world, develop new strategies and just have a good time. Another plus for me is the fact that the game brings close to 100 different heroes, so there’s a lot of diversity if I get bored. The gameplay is very fast and agile, with lots of twists and turns. The result of the battle depends heavily on the way you and your team work with each other.

I also like the payment method they chose, as you can play the game for free and choose to support the development team with the purchase of tradeable cosmetic items.

War Thunder

As a history buff, I am always on the lookout for new games that bring me that war authenticity that I want. War Thunder is one of the few games where you can engage in tank or aerial combat at your own pace. I love the authenticity that the game provides and the fact that you are free to choose the way you play it. I also enjoy the progression system which gradually provides you with access to the better equipment, as this does bring the incentive that you need in order to play more and more.

I find this to be one of the most engaging war themed experiences that you are able to find online, and thanks to a large player base, as well as numerous unlockables, you always feel that the game is rewarding and well worth playing.

Path of Exile

I am a fan of action RPGs and their wonderful progression system, and when I heard that Path of Exile was heading in the Beta phase I immediately jumped right in. One of the things that kept me drawn to the game is the fact that it’s a very good free to play experience. The game hosts a plethora of content and you simply can’t ask for more. Major updates are brought regularly, and the game brings a very interesting interface. I am also fond of the fact that you can engage in parties with other people and play the game in a much easier fashion, something that you simply can’t see nowadays.

The insane graphical detail and numerous quests are yet another thing that I like in Path of Exile, and the progression system comes in true RPG fashion, as well.

I enjoy all the games I talked above, each one of them because of different reasons. Some offer me the freedom that I need when I want to escape the monotonous and frustrating real world, while others bring a challenge and numerous people to play with. Either way, all games included my top 5 list are some of the best MMOs you can find right now on the market, and I heartily recommend them to anyone that wants to have a good time while playing online.

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