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Our Top 5 Heroes in DotA 2

Diesen Artickel einschätzen DotA 2 has an absolutely massive variety of heroes to choose from. They all fit different roles and can impact the game in various different ways. In this article we’ll be talking a little bit about the heroes that we enjoy the most in this game. MMO Anlage - Our Top 5 Heroes in DotA 2

Of course it needs to be mentioned that the heroes we pick aren’t necessarily the strongest in terms of actual balance. These are just the characters we enjoy playing the most due to their design and gameplay so don’t expect to simply pick any of these up and stomp the opposition because that’s not going to happen.


Invoker in DotA 2

Invoker is without a doubt one of the most cleverly designed characters throughout the entire MOBA genre, not just in DotA 2. He’s a bit difficult to play but once you get the hang of him, the possibilities are pretty much endless because this hero can adapt to multiple different situations. Invoker has access to multitudes of abilities but in order to use his abilities you must have the proper combination of orbs. Mastering this guy takes a lot of effort but it’s all worth it because he’s just so much fun to play when mastered.


DotA 2: Meepo

Meepo makes DotA 2 feel like a completely new game due to the insane level of micro-management involved in playing him. He can basically create multiple different variants of himself and each one of these has to be controlled individually so playing him feels a lot like playing a real time strategy game because of all the micro involved. This is a carry hero who has the potential to be devastating when used properly but can also be straight up useless if not so you need to use him properly.

Night Stalker

Night stalker in DotA 2

Playing Night Stalker is a very unique experience because his power actually varies depending upon the time of day. The whole day and night aspect of DotA 2 is just visual most of the time but for Night Stalker, it can actually impact his gameplay. As the name already implies, he gets much stronger during the night so players can capitalize on this and wreak havoc on the map and then during the day time he can retreat and farm up some items for future fights. He is also perhaps the only hero who can alter the time since his ultimate allows him to instantly cause nightfall, giving him the power he needs to wreck his opponents.


DotA 2: Zeus

There are multiple things that players absolutely love about Zeus. First is of course the fact that he’s based off an actual god so playing him feels incredible but the highlight of Zeus’ gameplay, and the thing we enjoy the most about him, is the global ultimate that strikes all heroes across the map no matter where they are. A properly used Zeus ultimate can easily set the whole team up for success.

Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin in DotA 2

The thing we love about Phantom Assassin the most is that newcomers can play her without having to worry about any complex mechanics but at the same time she’s also quite devastating when in the hands of a competent and experienced DotA 2 player. Phantom Assassin has some of the strongest critical strikes in the game because her ultimate adds a percentage damage boost every single time she hits a critical strike. She’s also quite mobile which is nice.

All said and done, the aforementioned DotA 2 heroes are those that we enjoy playing the most. Let us know who your favorites are and why.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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