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PUBG: Getting into the Safe Zone

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Fight in an ever-shrinking battle field. Most might die by being trapped outside the playing field. Is there a way to predict the safe zone? Here is a theory. MMO Anlage - PUBG: Getting into the Safe Zone

There are a couple of ways to play PUBG but you have to remember that the premise of the game is to be the last person or team standing. You can choose to go ahead and actively seek out enemies or you can choose to gather more gears in order to prepare for the end game but in the end, most players will be at the mercy of the ever-shrinking electric field. So, everyone has to always be in the safe zone. But with the random location of the safe zone; it might make people question, is there a way to predict the location of the safe zone? I would say yes!

I have a little theory on how to predict or possibly affect where the safe zone will be. As you might know, players need to parachute to a location and would need to gather weapons and equipment which will be scattered around different locations. If you want to win a match, you need to have a little of a game plan. It is better to drop slightly away from the plane’s path to make sure that you don’t get eliminated early. And you also need to make sure that you run all the time and try to get a gun in case you come across an enemy.

In the early parts of the game, you will not be able to predict the location of safe zone as it would be a big circle. But what I have always practiced, is to always use to map and generally mark the center of the circle. And as the circle becomes smaller, I need to make sure that I am always near the middle while making sure that I am always scouting for enemies.

Towards the end game, with less players and smaller circle, tensions would be rising. What I would suggest by this point is look for a good hiding spot, a building would be preferred. It should be one that would have several openings like doors and windows so you can shoot at enemies. It needs to be able to provide a good cover as well in case you get spotted.

Getting aggressive is risky in PUBG but the golden rule is to shoot first. And make sure you get them because if you miss, you may have risked exposing yourself and your teammates while giving them a chance to hide and snipe you from a different location.

I have a garnered a number of chicken dinners already and I have noticed that the circle would usually revolve around where there are more players. And if you see a supply drops, the center of the circle would usually be near thje drop point. So, if the circle is already small by this point, I would suggest that you look for the nearest building and camp there. If you are not near any building, you should probably try to camp at higher places so you can snipe your opponents.

I have also noticed that as the electric field closes in, the safe zone would sometimes be where a team or player has been hiding for the longest time. So, make sure to stay vigilant and as you make your way to the center.

Even if some players may not like the idea of camping in any shooting game, the main theme of PUBG is survival. So in order to survive, you need to make sure to stay hidden while being in the safe zone. as the damage of the electric field becomes a lot more as the safe zone becomes smaller.

So, the next time you play PUBG, I would suggest to try these tips out for yourself. It may or may not work for you, but it has worked in the several PUBG matches that I've played, whether it's solo or squad matches.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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